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Rokita, the musical persona of the multitalented Chris Rokita hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan, showcases a diverse array of influences stemming from his upbringing immersed in bands like Iron Maiden and Poison. With an emphasis on exceptional guitar work, Rokita’s repertoire covers various genres and styles and is a testament to his talent as a songwriter.

His latest release, ‘She Is,’ is an infectious, high-octane punky-pop-rock anthem that grabs hold of your senses from the first note. The vocals ride atop a wave of intricately woven guitar riffs, reminiscent of the raw energy found in Clinics’ ‘DP’ or the rebellious spirit of Iggy Pop’s ‘Wild One.’ While the vocals echo shades of Frank Black’s artistry, the music bursts forth in a whirlwind of spirited power pop and pop punk. Amidst the frenzy, discerning ears can catch glimpses of vintage rock ‘n roll influences that infuse the song with an irresistible energy.

The song’s lyrical narrative offers a humorous take on the eternal struggle of understanding the enigma of women, with Rokita graciously crediting his wife for inspiring this playful composition. The accompanying music video adds another layer of amusement, portraying Rokita at 3am, tangled up in late-night thoughts about his partner, ending with a funny twist that jokes about guys who are the same emotional drama queens as women-when he wakes at 4 am and his wife says “Shut your mouth, you’re crazier than me!”

Rokita’s commitment to making boundary-defying, uplifting music is limitless and creates an auditory euphoria. The production quality is top-notch, with a seamless harmony between instruments and vocals that allows the scintillating guitar solos to take center stage.

If you need a mood lift, ‘She Is’ by Rokita is your go-to. This buoyant track guarantees a grin with its witty lyrics, while its spirited tempo and fervent guitars will have you on your feet, dancing to its infectious beat in no time.

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Rokita’s latest track, ‘She Is,’ bursts with energetic guitar-driven melodies, witty lyrics on the complexities of understanding women, and a humorous music video, encapsulating his versatile musicality and knack for crafting feel-good, genre-blending tunes.


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