Friday, April 19 2024

Gain valuable insights into the experiences of bands and musicians who have collaborated with The Indie Grid. Hear directly from them as they share authentic reflections on their journey working with us. Explore firsthand accounts that provide a real and unfiltered look into the collaborative process, highlighting the unique aspects that define our partnership with artists in the indie music scene.

So impressed with this blog! Not only do they curate the kind of music that I love, dealing with them from the point of view of our band was an absolute pleasure. So many reviews in other blogs are generic (one was obviously written by a demented and verbose AI!) and it’s pleasing that the reviewer of our album ‘Adverse Camber’ took the time to actually LISTEN to the tracks, obviously in-depth rather than a quick ‘fast forward view.’ Several points were raised that we hadn’t considered, e.g. how did we miss the fact that ‘my Debbie’ sounds a bit like the ‘other Debbie’ from Blondie! Email communication was prompt and friendly. They also added us to 3 of their superbly curated Spotify playlists which matched our musical style well (again, so many other blogs just chucked our Indie band in with some really random and dodgy acts!!). I’m working my way through these lists and have discovered some seriously good stuff. I highly recommend this blog to lovers of ‘real music’ as well as bands etc. who want to get some decent blog support. THANKS!!! 

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