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Seven and counting, hailing from Croatia, describe themselves as a seven-to-nine-piece band, hence the name. Their debut album, ‘Tonight’, is a delightful blend of classic rock, country, and blues. It took some time to assemble the right line-up, but after two years of rehearsals, ‘Tonight’ is finally here. It was a pleasant listen.

Keep Me’ starts the album off with a bang, with powerful female background singers leading the charge before diving into full-on classic rock anthem. I’m digging the vibe; it’s totally giving me Bruce Springsteen flashbacks. The male lead vocals, though a bit rough around the edges, fit right in, especially with those female harmonies backing them up. And when the chorus hits, it’s like a whole orchestra of sounds that just joined the party, making it feel huge and powerful. Plus, that killer guitar solo backed up by the saxophone is like the cherry on top, setting the stage for what’s to come in the rest of the album.

Back In Your Arms’ opens with a dynamic guitar and drum arrangement, followed by an exceptional saxophone melody, taking it up a notch. The song effortlessly blends rock and blues elements, with a hooky chorus that lingers in the mind. Despite its length, the interplay between guitars, piano, saxophone, and guitar solo keeps the listener engaged throughout.

In ‘I Don’t Wanna Go Home’ Seven and counting maintain the Bruce Springsteen-inspired style established in the opening track. They excel in crafting catchy songs with memorable choruses, although the lead singer’s vocals occasionally falter in matching the song’s intensity it doesn’t distract me. After all, rock music isn’t about the perfection, it’s about attitude. The saxophone solo and the lead guitarist’s skills shine through, embodying the emotion that further characterises rock music.

I Promise’ is an intimate acoustic piece, featuring gentle softly sung vocals accompanied by guitar and harmonica. It creates a warm vibe. The instrumental interlude showcases the band’s musical talent and keen sense of composition, adding depth to the emotional narrative of the song.

Dancing With My Dream’ starts off mellow and acoustic before the saxophone comes in, turns up the energy and infuses a pop-rock energy. The surprise inclusion of a saxophone solo and a guitar solo towards the song’s end adds a delightful twist, further enhancing its appeal. It’s like a rollercoaster ride of musical delight. I just loved the ending!

In ‘Stranded’ they blend rock, country, and blues fluidly, showcasing Seven And Counting’s versatility. The catchy tune, combined with the harmonious backing vocals and stellar guitar solo, elevate the song’s charm. The addition of female backing singers towards the end amplifies its impact, leaving a lasting impression. They should use it more in my opinion.

No Easy Way Out’ takes a turn into soft piano territory, showcasing the band’s versatility once more. They keep me captivated through the album. This ballad is a perfect way to show they’re capable of writing love songs too. The heartfelt vocals complement the tender composition, giving off some serious Dire Straits vibes. This track quickly became a favourite of mine after a few listens, proving that the band knows how to tug at the heartstrings with their compelling love songs.

You Make Me Feel So Young’ channels a boogie style akin to Status Quo’s ‘Whatever You Want,’ yet maintains Seven And counting’s distinctive sound. It’s the kind of song that just puts a smile on your face; the feel-good factor is undeniable. The vocals are spot-on, hitting all the right notes. It’s definitely one of the standout tracks on the album and another personal favourite of mine.

Good Times Rocking’ gives off a vibe that’s proper Eels. You’ve got those low-pitched vocals and all those wicked instrumental effects that just make it stand out. And when the guitar and saxophone come together, it’s like pure magic. It reels you in, and as you go through the album, you can’t help but think each track just keeps getting better and better.

As the album draws to a close, the finale song ‘Tonight’ serves up a happy Blues Brothers-style ending, capping off this diverse and delightful musical journey.

It’s a cracking debut album, no doubt about it. While the male vocals might lack a bit of oomph at times, they add a certain charm to the tunes elsewhere. But, let’s not forget the stellar female backing vocals and those epic guitar solos – plus, the saxophone. It adds more beef and depth to the songs. But this is a band, there’s no mistaking it, and so the greatness comes in the sum of all its parts. Any classic rock fan who’s into Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straits is gonna have a good time with this album.

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Seven and Counting’s debut album, ‘Tonight,’ is a delightful fusion of classic rock, country, and blues, showcasing the band’s versatility and songwriting talent. From the powerful opener, ‘Keep Me,’ to the captivating finale, ‘Tonight,’ each track offers a unique blend of instrumentation and emotion, guaranteed to resonate with classic rock enthusiasts and fans of Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straits alike.
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