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Canadian alternative pop sensation Hotel Mira have released their latest single, ‘Waste Away,’ via Light Organ Records. Fresh from a series of electrifying performances at SXSW, the band are poised to make a significant splash in the UK music scene.

At the heart of Hotel Mira’s line-up is the dynamic duo of charismatic frontman and songwriter Charlie Kerr, and bassist Mike Noble, who first crossed paths as teenagers at a ‘Battle of the Bands.’ Joined by guitarist Clark Grieve and drummer Cole George, the quartet delivers a potent blend of infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyricism.

Hotel Mira

‘Waste Away’ digs into the dark complexities of domestic abuse, shedding light on the struggle to break free from toxic relationships. The track serves as a powerful anthem for survivors, echoing the band’s commitment to storytelling through music.

Having shared the stage with renowned acts such as Billy Talent, The Beaches, and My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero, Hotel Mira have honed their craft on both local and international platforms. Live performances by Hotel Mira are deemed nothing short of blistering, with Charlie channeling the raw energy of Iggy Pop and the theatricality of experimental theatre.

Hotel Mira Live!

UK fans can still catch Hotel Mira live:

  • 16th May – The Great Escape Show – 12pm – 4pm at Secret Comedy Club, 42 Brighton Square
  • 19th May – The Victoria – Dalston, London

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Hotel Mira firsthand and be sure to check out ‘Waste Away’ now!

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