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Hailing from NY, Autorub delivers an exhilarating mix of modern and classic rock, laced with sharp political humour. Led by the seasoned multi-instrumentalist Michael Corn, Autorub strikes a balance between commercial appeal and rebellious rawness. Michael’s musical journey, from ‘Sammy’ and ‘Heydevils’ to composing for hit TV shows, reflects his dedication to crafting relevant, catchy, and enjoyable rock songs. The latest release, ‘Meatball,’ is a fantastic addition to Autorub’s repertoire.

‘Meatball’ captures Autorub’s essence, blending clever songwriting, high-energy rock, and a polished production. Influenced by luminaries such as Weezer, Foo Fighters, The Kinks, The Clash, and The Police, the infectious chorus, reminiscent of the latter’s ‘I Can’t Stand Losing You,’ paired with staccato, choppy guitar work, creates a dynamic and instantly memorable tune. Additionally, the driving bass and drums, rich with heavy fills, contribute to an energetic and impactful sound.

New Yorks Autorub Michael Corn Guitar

The track sustains Autorub’s rebellious and infectious rock vibe, following the success of previous releases like ‘Oh Marjorie!’ and ‘Kari Lake Blocked Me on Twitter.’ With pop rock sensibilities and astute lyrics, the track employs clever wordplay to provide a subtle commentary on certain political issues.

I am fleshing out a potential backstory of this political character we have who’s nicknamed ‘Meatball.’ In lines like ‘they made you just a little too small,‘ I’m playing with food references, but also a Napoleon complex. As the song progresses, there are some jabs at his political agenda including banning teaching CRT, ‘Don’t say gay’ and battling Disney.

Michael Corn, Autorub

The song expertly balances this serious agenda with an air of silliness, staying true to the distinctive style of Autorub.

Clocking in at 2 minutes and 38 seconds, ‘Meatball’ packs an impressive punch — boasting four verses, at least five chorus run-throughs, and a very tidy middle 8… there’s even time for an intro and outro! This is the work of a true songmeister in action.

‘Meatball’ is an awesome track that further solidifies Autorub’s status as a band to watch. As they continue to move forward, Autorub invites listeners to join the party – a celebration filled with wit, humour, and an unmistakable rebellious spirit.

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Enjoy Autorub’s ‘Meatball,’ a rock anthem that skillfully blends sharp political commentary with infectious energy. This tune, filled with wit and rebellious spirit, is a must-listen for music lovers.
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