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Imagine cruising down a desolate, moonlit road, surrounded by miles of mystery ahead, time slipping through your fingers. The night engulfs you, only the headlights illuminating the path, and in that moment, your entire life flashes before your eyes. It’s as if you’re journeying endlessly toward a town you might never find. Surreal, right? But, in the most exhilarating way imaginable. That’s the sensation that enveloped me as I delved into SWiiMS‘ latest single, ‘Fade Days,’ off their album ‘Into the Blue Night.’

Emerging from the dynamic music scene of Toronto, Canada, SWiiMS was formed by vocalist Mai Diaz Langou, guitarist Colin Thompson, and bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh, who joined the lineup shortly thereafter. Their latest single, ‘Fade Days,’ seamlessly blends indie rock vibes with a nostalgic nod to ’80’s new wave and dream pop.

The track kicks off with an irresistible guitar riff, weaving into a rhythmic drum groove that sets the stage for Langou’s entrancing vocals. Her dreamy delivery brings to mind the captivating allure of Beach House, reminiscent of the wistful poetry found in tracks like ‘Zebra’ and ‘Norway.’ The poetic lyricism, draped in surreal imagery—such as “Do you see me in a room where you plucked your flowers forever”—paints an enigmatic picture of longing that harmonises flawlessly with the melancholic melody.

The song’s aural identity, reminiscent of a blend between Blondie’s allure and Alvvays’ charm with a subtle infusion of Cults, creating a sound that’s distinctly their own. The song crescendos with an infectious energy, embedding itself deeper with each play.

The accompanying video, featuring nocturnal skating scenes, beautifully complements the song’s ambiance, enhancing the overall experience without overshadowing its essence. The imagery of the ferris wheel’s blending shots evokes a nostalgic whirlwind, transporting you to cherished moments that beautifully encapsulate the essence of the track. The sensation of people simply passing time, rekindling those heartwarming memories with each turn.

As a devoted dream pop enthusiast, SWiiMS earns a well-deserved spot in my collection. ‘Fade Days’ possesses the potential to climb indie music charts and share stages with renowned acts like Beach House. With its dreamy allure and magnetic depth, this track serves as a testament to SWiiMS’ artistic finesse—a must-have addition for any indie music connoisseur.

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SWiiMS’ ‘Fade Days’ captures a dreamy, melancholic essence, blending indie rock with ’80’s new wave and dream pop influences, showcasing surreal lyrics and an infectious energy that promises chart-topping potential in the indie music scene.


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