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The Indie Grid song review of Eyeballs by J.J. Chamberlain

J.J. Chamberlain’s Indie Pop-Rock Anthem ‘Eyeballs’ Is An Ode To The ’90s Alt-Rock-Scene

Gee Nelson

J.J. Chamberlain, known as the frontman of Box Time and the lead guitarist of the Love Barons, dropped his second solo jam, ‘Eyeballs,’ hot on the heels of his debut, ‘Tired of Christmas,’ which hit the digital shelves last December. While supporting Mammabear on his recent UK tour, he bumped into drummer Takashi Takemura. That […]

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Wave Chase - At Least I Can Say That I Tried Single Cover

The Brilliance of Wave Chase’s Latest Single: ‘At Least I Can Say That I Tried’

Matt Warren

Wave Chase, a band based in Brighton, UK, consists of George Kingman (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Tim Baldwin (Backing Vocals and Bass Guitar), Mickey Golicher (Lead Guitar), Charlie Cane (Drums), and Sam Ruthem (Backing Vocals and Keys). Their latest single, ‘At Least I Can Say That I Tried,’ for which I now have the […]

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‘Rogue (Aim For The Kill)’ – Edge Of Paradise: An Explosive New Song That’s Set To Catch Fire

Gareth Johnston

California based, Edge of Paradise have been around for over a decade and their sound has evolved into a cinematic blend of power metal, infused with elements of industrial. They have benefitted from working with notable producers ensuring every release has the perfect blend of impact and balance. From a reviewing perspective this makes my job a […]

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The VoiceS Behind the Music Speak
The Silver Doors - Album Cover PNG - 1

Exploring Appalachian Psychedelia: The Silver Doors Unveil Debut Album in Exclusive Interview

Welcome to our exclusive interview with The Silver Doors, the Appalachian-psych-rock sensation hailing from the mountains of Asheville, NC. Having released their self-titled album on April 15th, 2024, the band have delivered an electrifying blend of genres and influences. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Farrar at Drop of Sun Studios, ‘The Silver Doors‘ is […]

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Jon of the Shred Out of Runway Album Cover

Exploring Jon of the Shred’s Latest Album: ‘Out of Runway’… and Beyond

Today, we’re exploring the musical world of Jon of the Shred and his latest album, ‘Out of Runway.’ Hailing from Worcester, United States, Jon is known for his eclectic blend of genres that effortlessly fuse nostalgia with innovation. Notably, his music has made waves beyond the music scene and earned placements in popular video games, […]

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Sample Text Lewd and Languid Album Cover

‘Lewd & Languid’: [Sample_Text] Unveil New Album In Candid Interview

Welcome to another interview with TIG, and today we’re thrilled to be exploring the depths of creativity with Reece from [SAMPLE_TEXT], who are celebrating the release of their latest album, ‘Lewd & Languid.’ Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, this dynamic trio – Reece Caldwell on vocals and guitar, Tyler Farrell on drums, and Jacob Marsh on […]

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