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Your Ghost Blindness and Light Single Cover

Blindness & Light Breathes New Life into Kristin Hersh’s ‘Your Ghost’

Matt Warren

Introducing ‘Your Ghost,’ the latest single from Blindness & Light, a collective rooted in the post-punk and indie scene of North Wales and the North of England. This latest release marks their transition to complete creative autonomy, bidding farewell to their previous producer and embracing self-production. Led by Colin M Potter’s soulful vocals and ethereal […]

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The Indie Grid song review of Somebody's Somebody by Emma Forgette

‘Somebody’s Somebody’ By Emma Forgette: A Beautiful Acoustic Gem

Gee Nelson

It’s been a good two months since I scribbled down my thoughts on Emma Forgette‘s ‘Here To Get My Stuff‘, and now she’s back in the game with ‘Somebody’s Somebody.’ The 19-year-old sensation from Ocala, Florida, threw us a curveball with her last country rock tune, so naturally, we were itching to give her latest […]

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‘Ellis Island (Live At Studio Greenhouse)’ – Actve Captve: A Triumphant Re-Imagining

Gareth Johnston

Actve Captve, from Austin Texas are an absolute gem of a band. Their heady blend of ’80s infused power-pop, combine captivating harmonies, driving rhythms and enough synth and guitar hooks to slake the thirst of even the most ardent of rock fans. Think Starship, meets The 1975 and you’re in the general vicinity.  ‘Ellis Island,’ was […]

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The VoiceS Behind the Music Speak
TE:MO Mother EP

Introducing TE/MO and ‘The MOTHER’ EP: A Journey of Healing and Resilience

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Chicago, TE/MO has released her EP, ‘The MOTHER,’ a deeply personal narrative woven from the threads of her own struggles and triumphs. Born out of a harrowing medical journey and the quest for self-discovery, this collection of songs delves into themes of healthcare mistreatment, identity crises, and the […]

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Jared Deck: From ‘Head Above Water’ to the Halls of Politics

In the heart of Oklahoma, where resilience is as much a part of the landscape as the sweeping sunsets, Jared Deck‘s life unfolds like a poignant ballad of overcoming adversity. His latest album, ‘Head Above Water,’ is not just a musical endeavour; it’s also a monumental testament to his journey from blue-collar worker to celebrated […]

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Mothbreath Album Cover

MothBreath Unveils Sensational Dreamy New Album ‘mothbreath’

Welcome to today’s interview with MothBreath, a dreamy shoegaze-esque musical duo hailing from the scenic landscapes of Somerset, United Kingdom. Since their debut single ‘Drift Away’ in 2021, MothBreath, comprised of Kirsty Dougall and John Libert, have been writing and producing a blend of ethereal melodies and almost ambient atmospheres. Now, with the release of […]

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