Thursday, May 30 2024

Amid the lockdown chaos, a new musical force has emerged from the heart of London. LAZA!, a vibrant ensemble with sass and soul, have released their highly anticipated debut EP, ‘I Don’t Care!

Featuring Luiza Lale on saxophone and lyrics, David Lale on cello and production, Ana Gracey on vocals, and Chris Sanchez on guitar and production, LAZA! defies geographical boundaries.

“The pandemic oddly opened doors for us,” says Luiza Lale. “Despite being scattered, our synergy was unhampered, maybe even enhanced.”


The ‘I Don’t Care!’ EP celebrates defiance and individuality, echoing the band’s ethos of breaking free from societal norms. From the rebellious ‘I Don’t Care!’ to the empowering ‘Girls,’ LAZA! are telling people that being themselves is OK.

Recorded at Temple Studios, once owned by Ana Gracey’s parents, the EP provides a doff of the cap to familial legacy and musical heritage. With influences like Zayde Wolfe and Little Mix, LAZA! have created introspective pop fervour.

Luiza Lale explains, “We wanted to capture vulnerability and audacity. ‘I Don’t Care!’ is a cry for self-acceptance.”

The ‘I Don’t Care!’ EP showcases solid collaboration and inspiration to all that they should march to their own beat.

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