Friday, April 19 2024
Todd & Karen Singles Album Cover

Todd & Karen Deliver Eight Indie Pop Belters On Their Latest Album: ‘Singles’

Gee Nelson

Since 2021, the Norwegian-Irish / Swiss indie pop duo Todd & Karen have been steadily dropping singles… very good singles! Now, they’ve packaged these singles into an album titled… wait for it… ‘Singles.’ The album features eight tracks that blend indie rock with pop sensibilities and is worthy of 24 minutes of anyone’s time. The […]

‘Who Is The Alien?’ – Gender Reveal Atomic Bomb: Joyous And Chaotic, Prog-Punk From Belgium

Gareth Johnston

There are few times, as a writer, that you’re genuinely wowed. As you get older the ‘wows’ are fewer and farther betwixt, but when Gender Reveal Atomic Bomb landed on my ‘desk’ my scepticism turned to unbridled joy within 90 seconds. You see, I remember the changing landscape of music in the early ’90s; it […]

The Indie Grid song review of Just Worried Because by Shannon Darcy

‘Just Worried Because’ By Shannon Darcy: A Catchy Punk-Ass Rock Song!

Gee Nelson

Nominated for Best Young Breakthrough Artist in 2024, SHANNON DARCY from Essex, UK returns with her latest release, ‘Just Worried Because,’ a lively punk-pop anthem in the style of Avril Lavigne that packs a real punch! Drawing from her personal experiences, ‘Just Worried Because’ tackles the irrational thoughts that plague the teenage mind—overthinking, anxiety, and […]

‘Black Bird Fever’ – Will Pope: A Soulful, Folk Ballad From Yorkshire’s Nightingale

Gareth Johnston

It’s looking like an important year for Will Pope; signed to Revolver Records and a follow up to ‘Burying Giants’, in the offing, called ‘True to Form’, of which ‘Black Bird Fever,’ the latest single is taken.  I have to admit that I feel conflicted. Sometimes this occurs for a number of reasons, but ultimately, […]

Seasonal Falls Lie Down Single Cover

Seasonal Falls’ ‘Lie Down’: Another Mellow Masterpiece

Matt Warren

I’m a big fan of Seasonal Falls… and I mean a BIG FAN! Ever since I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the upcoming album, ‘Happy Days,’ towards the tail end of last year, it’s been on heavy rotation with me. Now, the Switzerland-based songwriting team of Roman Gabriel (The Kind Hills, […]

The Silver Doors - Album Cover PNG - 1

Exploring Appalachian Psychedelia: The Silver Doors Unveil Debut Album in Exclusive Interview

Matt Warren

Welcome to our exclusive interview with The Silver Doors, the Appalachian-psych-rock sensation hailing from the mountains of Asheville, NC. Having released their self-titled album on April 15th, 2024, the band have delivered an electrifying blend of genres and influences. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Farrar at Drop of Sun Studios, ‘The Silver Doors‘ is […]

‘Love To Gold’ – Martina Armour: Touchingly Brilliant Indie-Folk-Rock

Gareth Johnston

Born in Sweden, now a native of the City of Angels, aptly enough, Martina Armour is something of an enigma. Her haunting melodies cascade over a canvas of folk-infused rock creating a vast, beautiful panorama awash with late Autumnal tones. There is an unreserved melancholy throughout; a mourning for the falling leaves as the season passes and […]

Jon of the Shred Out of Runway Album Cover

Exploring Jon of the Shred’s Latest Album: ‘Out of Runway’… and Beyond

Matt Warren

Today, we’re exploring the musical world of Jon of the Shred and his latest album, ‘Out of Runway.’ Hailing from Worcester, United States, Jon is known for his eclectic blend of genres that effortlessly fuse nostalgia with innovation. Notably, his music has made waves beyond the music scene and earned placements in popular video games, […]

‘Better Than Dying’ – Plastic Harpoons’ Sunny Pop-Rock Anthem That Should Be On Every Playlist This Summer

Gareth Johnston

Santa Barbara’s Plastic Harpoons return with their first release since 2023’s ‘Meet Me In The Middle.’ ‘Better Than Dying’ is good. In fact, it’s beyond good. Good is a cold pint on a balmy July evening, or your kids actually tidying their room after only the third time of asking. This is better. Much better. And it could […]