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Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions have just released their new electrifying single ‘Digitize,’ and it serves as a tantalising preview of their highly anticipated album, ‘Asterion,’ scheduled to hit the platforms in June 2024.

‘Digitize’ is an enthralling journey, akin to a marauding river, with echoes of Linkin Park in its dynamic vocal shifts and contemporary synths. The call-and-response vocals build seamlessly to a massive anthemic chorus, supported by an infectious beat and robust musicianship. In a candid interview, Gary Dranow delves into the genesis of ‘Digitize,’ raising a crucial alarm about society’s escalating dependence on technology and AI.

Thanks for talking with us Gary. Can you tell us about your latest song ‘Digitize’?

You Are Welcome! In Digitize the alarm bells have sounded about how dependent people are becoming on technology in general and now with the advent of AI, it is downright scary. So, it’s a warning not to lose your humanity by turning more and more of yourself to technology and AI.

Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions

Did ‘Digitize’ undergo any changes or transformations during the recording process? If so, how did it evolve?

No, we just wrote and recorded it with our typical process. Musical idea first, the lyrics and melody and then background vocals. Then we Mix and Master.

Is there a specific theme you’re hoping listeners will take from the song?

The main idea: people need to pay very close attention to technology, especially AI, because they can become completely dependent on it. Therefore, it is important not to lose touch with real life.

We believe that ‘Digitize’ is part of the larger project ‘Asterion.’ What can you tell us about this?

Yes, there are eight songs, each dealing with the human condition, relationships, and society.

Where do you get your musical influences and inspiration from?

Everywhere. Social issues, the news, my relationships, or observations of people. Ideas just come to me, especially when I first pick up my guitar in the morning 😉

And, for fun… What’s a song that you wish you had written yourself?

Little Wing.

Thanks, Gary! We’re looking forward to the album’s 2024 release. Wishing you a fantastic holiday season!

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