Thursday, May 30 2024
Mothbreath Album Cover

MothBreath Unveils Sensational Dreamy New Album ‘mothbreath’

Matt Warren

Welcome to today’s interview with MothBreath, a dreamy shoegaze-esque musical duo hailing from the scenic landscapes of Somerset, United Kingdom. […]


HANUSSEN: The Enigmatic Clairvoyant | An Opera by John Beckmann

Matt Warren

John Beckmann of Mortal Prophets‘ latest project, ‘HANUSSEN: The Enigmatic Clairvoyant | An Opera,’ presents an experimental journey rooted in electronica and […]

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Leyla Romanova’s ‘CYBERSYMPHONY’ Takes Audiences on a Cinematic Journey

Matt Warren

Russian composer Leyla Romanova has unveiled her debut cinematic masterpiece, ‘CYBERSYMPHONY (dedicated to Christopher Nolan),’ which is clearly dedicated to acclaimed filmmaker Christopher […]

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