Thursday, May 30 2024

Russian composer Leyla Romanova has unveiled her debut cinematic masterpiece, ‘CYBERSYMPHONY (dedicated to Christopher Nolan),’ which is clearly dedicated to acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Combining classical orchestral elements with techno-trance beats, Leyla has created a multi-layered soundtrack that drives listeners into the story of a superhero facing life’s trials.

Influenced by musical luminaries like Tchaikovsky and John Williams, Leyla’s composition takes audiences through a range of emotions, from fierce battles to introspective moments. As a Financier and Tech startup consultant by day, Leyla’s dual life adds depth to her creative process, and adds more gravitas to the superhero persona and innate knowledge.


With ‘CYBERSYMPHONY,’ Leyla embarks on a new journey as a film composer, drawing inspiration from cinematic legends like Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. As audiences await the release of her future projects, we think ‘CYBERSYMPHONY’ may well mark the beginning of Leyla’s new musical journey – as a film composer.

From all at TIG, we wish you the best of luck Leyla and look forward to future releases.

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