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Cliff & Susan, the married duo from Little Rock, Arkansas, are back with their latest single, ‘Maybe You Should.’ Following the success of ‘Neon Dreams,’ the new song is part of their debut album, ‘Fiddle & Keys,’ which made it to the US iTunes Country Albums Top 40. ‘Neon Dreams’ itself has achieved over 60K Spotify streams and reached #8 on the UK iTunes Top 10 Country Songs chart. We’re thinking that ‘Maybe You Should’ is likely to continue Cliff & Susan’s upward trajectory.

The duo, active since 2016, has amassed over 2,000 songs in their repertoire and gained attention for their energetic performances. With a diverse musical background, Cliff & Susan are certainly pushing the boundaries of country music.

Cliff and Susan Country Band from Little Rock USA

‘Maybe You Should’ is a heartfelt ballad showcasing Susan’s soulful vocals and Cliff’s musical skills. It’s the perfect addition for country music fans that exhibits the couple’s signature sound. ‘Maybe You Should’ delivers beautiful warm vocals with harmonies for added impact, and in parts, creates a gospel choir effect. The chord progression is gentle and weaves its way to the emotional chorus. Combining smooth guitar work and piano playing, the song is also enhanced by the rich tones of an underlying organ, showcasing the duo’s musical depth. The production, tailored perfectly for the country genre, cements Cliff & Susan’s status as a solid musical duo.

In addition to their music career, Cliff & Susan run Big Red Dog Productions and Rainy Ray, an e-commerce store. They also host the Cliff & Susan Podcast, co-founded the Yadaloo Music & Arts Festival, and launched the Entertainers Academy to assist independent artists.

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As they gear up for their upcoming tour, fans can keep track of their latest endeavors on their website and social media. ‘Maybe You Should’ is available on major streaming platforms, and for those interested in a heartfelt country ballad, ‘Maybe You Should’ is definitely worth a listen and adding to your playlists.

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Cliff & Susan, the Arkansas duo, present ‘Maybe You Should,’ a soulful ballad from their debut album ‘Fiddle & Keys.’ Following the triumph of ‘Neon Dreams,’ this track showcases Susan’s emotive vocals and Cliff’s musical prowess, blending warm harmonies, a gentle chord progression, and poignant lyrics that make it a must-listen for country music enthusiasts.
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