Thursday, May 30 2024

Seattle-based artist Greg Merrell, the driving force behind Clash Valian, has released his latest album, ‘Degrees of Freedom.’ Featuring 21 tracks, the album explores a wide range of musical styles, from rock to pop to lounge and showcases Greg’s diverse talents.

The album’s tracks cover a variety of themes, from ancient Norse mythology in ‘Brokkr’ to the emotional depths of space in ‘Moonlander.’ And, ‘Dragon’s Backbone’ stands out for its bilingual lyrics, blending English and Mandarin seamlessly while exploring themes of resilience and cultural diversity.

Clash Valian Back of Album Cover

‘Degrees of Freedom’ tackles a host of topics, from relationship struggles to wartime experiences, with lyrics that delve into both dark and light aspects of the human condition. The music is slick and keeps you on your toes with its variety – from smooth time changes, rock-hard guitars, to spaced-out shoegaze epics; you never know what’s next on the agenda.

Having previously performed extensively in the Northwest and in China, Greg and his band are currently bringing their energetic live show to audiences and continuing to solidify their reputation and build a steady stream of fans.

‘Degrees of Freedom’ is an awesome journey with its eclectic mix of sounds and thought-provoking lyrics… try it today 🙂

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