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Californian supergroup The Project, led by the esteemed James Davis of the Cali-rock scene, released their latest single ‘Over You‘—a vibrant fusion of Pop/Rock and Power/Pop that explores the complexities of clinging to a relationship despite the disorientation it brings. This track not only resonates lyrically but also hooks listeners with its catchy melodies.

The song kicks off with an instantly recognisable Power Pop/Rock guitar strumming technique, evoking a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of the illustrious rock scene of the ’90s. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, and Green Day, it subtly incorporates elements from legendary sounds pioneered by Van Halen and Kiss.

Vocally reminiscent of Jon Bon Jovi, the song embodies a mix of Pop Rock, Glam Rock, and a touch of Hard Rock. The pre-chorus captivates with its infectious simplicity, propelled by a riff that harkens back to the ’80s/’90s. The chorus, a hallmark of the genre, invites easy sing-alongs—a testament to the track’s catchiness.

A standout guitar solo shines brightly, remaining true to the song’s essence without unnecessary complexities. The song’s outro bursts with infectious energy, leaving the listener yearning for an immediate replay, eager to belt out ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ alongside the lead vocals.

The production exudes quality, striking a perfect balance between guitars, bass, and drums while allowing the guitars to soar magnificently during the chorus. The vocals resonate powerfully, perfectly encapsulating the song’s emotional core.

‘Over You’ is a testament to The Project’s prowess in crafting a polished, emotionally charged piece that pays homage to nostalgic rock sounds while carving its own compelling path.

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The Project’s ‘Over You’ is a vibrant pop rock anthem blending 90s rock influences with catchy melodies and standout guitar work.


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