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Grace McLean, recognised for her enchanting voice and boundary-pushing artistry, has released her inaugural full-length album, ‘My Lovely Enemy.’ Released on May 10th under Meridian/ECR Music Group (Sony), the album showcases Grace’s knack for defying musical conventions with its avant-garde pop essence.

Following the triumph of three pre-released singles, which gained widespread acclaim and global press coverage, anticipation for Grace’s album has been palpable among fans and critics alike. Rolling Stone lauded her music as “sophisticated” and “brilliant,” praising its intricate layers that unveil newfound depth upon each listen.

Grace, renowned for her multifaceted talents spanning acting, singing, and songwriting, expresses her eagerness to share her latest musical endeavour with the world. “I’m so excited to share this album because amazingly the world seems to be listening. I love that people are connecting so deeply with these off-centre pop songs about love and loss, because that’s what these songs are really about—they sit in and celebrate the moment of exquisite unknowing when change begins.”

Her songwriting prowess, hailed as “savvy” by Vulture, and her versatile voice, described as “flexible” and “powerful” by The New York Times, underscore Grace’s artistry. ‘My Lovely Enemy,’ produced and recorded by Justin Goldner, mixed by Jack DeBoe, and mastered by Blake Morgan, delivers an auditory experience unlike any other.

Grace McLean Singer

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, Grace shares, “I wrote many of these songs during the reconstruction era after a breakup and they contain the searching, yearning, and fervent meaning-making I found myself chasing during that time. These songs are a raucous wake for a love well lived, and a celebration of the barriers pain breaks down that we might rebuild better, and differently.”

As Grace’s accolades extend from theatre to film, including prestigious awards like the Jonathan Larson Grant and the Vivace Award for Musical Theatre, ‘My Lovely Enemy’ is only going to further solidify her standing as a visionary artist. With its eclectic sound and poignant storytelling, the album signifies Grace’s entrance into the musical landscape.

For further details on Grace McLean and her debut album ‘My Lovely Enemy,’ visit her official website below and follow her on social media for updates and exclusive content.

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