Thursday, May 30 2024

Toledo-based rock band The Infinity Process have released their latest single, ‘Glitches,’ inspired by the hit show Westworld. Exploring themes of life as a simulation and the rise of artificial intelligence, the band delves into the surreal blend of reality and technology in today’s world.

Featuring Kimberly Tingley on vocals, Jason Tingley on guitar and bass, and Brent Gfell on drums, ‘Glitches’ draws influence from bands like Helmet, Thrice, Muse, System of a Down, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The song’s dynamic shifts reflect its emotional depth and thematic exploration.

The accompanying music video, directed by John Fleischman and starring Aaron Collins, adds a visually striking dimension to the narrative, described by Jason Tingley as “The Matrix meets Groundhog Day.”

The Infinity Process ‘Glitches’ video directed by John Fleischman.

Recorded at The Chinchilla Lair and mastered by Nick Burchall at Audio Animals, ‘Glitches’ exemplifies The Infinity Process’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

The Infinity Process Band

With past performances including opening for Helmet, Sponge, and We Are Harlot, and recognition as finalists in the 94.5 FM Next2Rock Contest, the band continue to make waves in the alternative rock scene, and we can’t see that ‘Glitches’ will do anything to stop the freight train that is The Infinity Process from slowing down!

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