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John Beckmann of Mortal Prophets‘ latest project, ‘HANUSSEN: The Enigmatic Clairvoyant | An Opera,’ presents an experimental journey rooted in electronica and cinematic ambiance. Recorded in New York City, the album offers a unique exploration of the opera genre, featuring eleven acts that blend voices, synthesizers, and electronic elements.

Inspired by the life of Erik Jan Hanussen, a mystic figure known for his mysticism and political connections, the album reflects themes of introspection and foreboding. Despite its modern production, the music carries a timeless quality, with elements like pianos and ambient guitars evoking nostalgia and reflection.


Recorded at Lux Astralis in New York City, with mastering by Jonas W. Karlsson at Henkka Niemistö Mastering in Helsinki and Los Angeles, ‘HANUSSEN: The Enigmatic Clairvoyant | An Opera’ features John’s musical prowess alongside vocal contributions from Dämmerungschor.

Through its eerie melodies and experimental compositions, the album invites listeners to ponder the complexities of human nature and historical legacy. ‘HANUSSEN: The Enigmatic Clairvoyant | An Opera’ serves as both a reflection on the past and a cautionary tale for the future, urging audiences to learn from history’s lessons. And, I have to say having now listened to the album a good few times I found it brilliant! The haunting, dark dissonance really hooked me in and was hypnotising in quite an unusual way. I highly recommend experiencing it. Personal favourite, the Steve Reich-esque ‘Act III.’

This latest release, in an already very impressive catalogue, again, showcases John’s innovative approach to music and storytelling and offers a thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche and the mysteries of existence. Out now… check it.

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