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Inspired by a reflective visit to his Berlin hometown, singer-songwriter Dennis Große-Plankermann, known as Vava Quail, has crafted the hauntingly beautiful album ‘Beloved Ashes.’ Born from a deep sense of alienation, Vava Quail transformed personal emotions into a striking musical narrative that spans a multitude of genres, including Alt-Folk, Alt-Pop, Chamber Pop, and Singer-Songwriter, showcasing chamber music collages.

Over two and a half years, Große-Plankermann recorded the 8-track album in his Berlin bedroom studio, utilising his two-decade relationship with the grand piano. The result is a collection that has earned early praise for its emotional depth and originality.

Vava Quail Berlin Based Singer Songwriter

Highlighted by tracks such as the title track ‘Beloved Ashes,’ the album’s lyrics capture poignant moments of farewell and remembrance, resonating with haunting beauty:

Here is where we said goodbye

To beloved ashes

Where someone put

A rainbow flag

On your tiny grave

Beloved Ashes – Vava Quail

Drawing inspiration from Franz Schubert to everyday elements like football fields and waterfalls, ‘Beloved Ashes’ presents a unique landscape reminiscent of artists such as James Blake and Bon Iver.

Early reviews commend Vava Quail’s debut for its intimate sound and remarkable vocal work, using the voice as a powerful instrument. ‘Beloved Ashes’ is a musical journey, available for streaming on major platforms now.

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