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In the ’70s the Dutch art punk band Minny Pops released several albums before opening for the iconic Joy Division in 1980. This was the start of their success in the post-punk movement. Rob Gretton, the legendary manager of Joy Division, recognised their potential and ushered them into the fold of Factory Records. Their single ‘Dolphin’s Spurt’ reached number 23 in the UK Independent Chart. Since their reformation in 2014 as a collective scattered across various places in the world, Minny Pops has been quietly plotting their return. Now, in 2024, they unleash their latest offering upon the world: ‘Patty’, a song about Stockholm Syndrome. It will be the start of a series of four albums, with the first set to debut later this year.

It’s hard to define the genre of the song. Blending elements of post-punk, art rock, and new wave, ‘Patty’ reflects Minny Pops’ diverse influences—drawing from Joy Division, Pixies, and New Order—while standing out as a unique and captivating piece of music. Nevertheless, it is a mesmerising song from start to end. It starts with screaming saxophones followed by a nice bass riff. The vocals are delivered in a spoken word style and have a nice flow with the music. The male vocalist explains about Stockholm Syndrome and recounts the infamous 1974 kidnapping of Patty Hearst by the Symbionese Liberation Army. The song’s accompanying music video features authentic footage of the subsequent bank robbery in San Francisco, adding visual intensity to the narrative.

Around the two-minute mark, the spoken word transitions into a haunting whispered refrain of “Patty, Patty, are you awake?” against a backdrop of intertwining fuzzed guitar and saxophone melodies, evoke a truly psychedelic ambiance. It has a lot of energy. Accompanied by a film noir-inspired music video, Minny Pops showcase their keen artistic vision and talent in visual storytelling.

For enthusiasts of avant-garde art punk and post-punk, ‘Patty’ offers a rich sensory experience. the smart concept that lies beneath clearly shows a message and is well executed. However, like any piece of art, its allure may not resonate with everyone, and that’s perfectly fine. Post-punk and new wave is about innovation, uniqueness and experimenting. It’s art and just like art in a museum or visual art, everyone has their own taste. And of course punks will be punks!

‘Patty’ is the first track of the ambitious plan to release four albums between 2024 – 2027. It’s a great addition to the genre and Minny Pops prove that they are back again. We can’t wait for more.

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Minny Pops returns with their latest single ‘Patty’, marking the beginning of a four-album series. Blending post-punk, art rock, and new wave influences, ‘Patty’ explores themes of Stockholm syndrome while showcasing the band’s unique and avant-garde style of music. It’s a captivating and innovative experience for fans of experimental music, reaffirming Minny Pops’ position as pioneers in the genre.


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