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After the highly praised EP ‘A Jejune Affair’, Nick Noon is back with a new summer smash ‘Who Needs Who.’ With its catchy melody, classic analogue vibe, and gritty vocals, he’s only gone and written another indie rock tune that will get you moving!

Nick is a Nashville, Tennessee-based singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Inspired by his life experiences, he produces music in different genres. In his latest release ‘Who Needs Who’, he goes back to the expressive and unpolished indie rock style of the ’90s.

The song grabs you from the start with its hooky guitar riff followed by an up-tempo beat driven by the acoustic guitar. Nick’s energetic vocals have a vintage analogue charm like The Black Keys and The Hives enhanced by a subtle touch of grit from the saturation. While the track nods to classic rock and the rebellious spirits of ’90s indie and alternative music, its accompanying lyric video also transports viewers to this vibrant atmosphere, featuring an eclectic mix of individuals dancing. From punk to the elite. Even notable figures like George Bush, playing conductor, and Bill Clinton, on his famous sax, make an appearance. It captures the vibe of the song pretty well. Nevertheless, even with its nostalgic elements and undertones, ‘Who Needs Who’ is a song that should stand strong in today’s indie rock scene as well.

The bombastic chorus is fuelled by distorted, fuzzy guitars, infusing the track with power. Nick’s impassioned and somewhat shouting vocals, perfectly suit the defiant lyrics and further elevate the energy of the song. Its irresistibly catchy melody and rhythmic drive could easily make it a dancefloor anthem. Throughout the second verse, the strum of the distorted guitar maintains the momentum established by the chorus, while Nick’s impressive guitar solos pay homage to his rock ‘n roll influences The song’s dynamic structure, coupled with its engaging variations, kept me interested from start to finish.

‘Who Needs Who’ blends the nostalgic sounds of the ’90s with a modern contemporary indie rock sound. It’s full of energy, soaring guitar solos, and gritty tape-smashed vocals. It proves that his critically acclaimed EP was not a lucky shot. In a world where rap, pop, and dance music dominate, it’s refreshing to hear some nostalgic sounds from the ’90s brought to life once again. We’re fans!

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Nick Noon’s latest release ‘Who Needs Who’ is a summer anthem with a catchy melody, vintage vibe, and gritty vocals reminiscent of ’90s indie rock. With energetic instrumentals and captivating lyrics, Nick blends nostalgic elements with contemporary indie rock, proving his lasting influence in the indie music scene.
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