Thursday, May 30 2024

London based-Faded Shades, the dynamic trio known for their electrifying rock’n’roll sound, are set to release their latest single, ‘What I’m on About,’ on May 1st. The track is a thrilling journey through the streets of Amsterdam, capturing the essence of a night out in a foreign city… well, it’s Amsterdam, so maybe not an ordinary foreign city… if you catch our drift.

Kicking butt with a blend of classic rock vibes and modern sensibilities, ‘What I’m on About’ includes an energetic riff, infectious chord progressions and vocals reminiscent of early Oasis. The song has become a staple finale at Faded Shades’ live performances, detailing just how good this track is.

Faded Shades Band
Faded Shades Band

Comprised of Joe on guitar and vocals, Charlie on drums, and Liam on bass, Faded Shades draw inspiration from the rich tradition of British Invasion bands, infusing their music with a distinctive estuary charm and art school flair. Their self-produced debut album garnered over 100k streams and earned them a dedicated following across London’s vibrant music scene.

Fans of ’90s Britpop fused with Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Black Keys, and Sam Fender are encouraged to mark their calendars for May 1st. Presave the single now to ensure you don’t miss out on this release.

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