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Today, we’re diving into the musical world of a rising star from the Australian shores. Hailing from the picturesque Byron Bay, at just 19 years old, Billie Skye is ready to captivate your hearts with her latest musical endeavour. TIG is excited to present to you the soulful journey that is the ‘Amorous Mirage‘ EP.

Billie, a gifted singer-songwriter, has unveiled a profound exploration of the heart, self-discovery, and unfiltered emotional expression. With her family’s musical background and influenced by the scenic landscapes of Byron Bay, Billie brings a unique blend of R&B beats and pop melodies, promising an unforgettable musical experience.

Thanks for chatting with us Billie. ’Amorous Mirage’ has been described as a profound journey through the realms of the heart and self-discovery. Can you share some specific experiences or moments that inspired the creation of this EP?

The EP was a collection of so many experiences, but more importantly feelings. Falling in love for the first time, moving out of home at 17, changing my lifestyle from small town girl to living in an apartment in the city were all profound moments in time. 

How did your diverse musical background, ranging from blues, R&B and funk to pop, shape the unique sound we hear in ‘Amorous Mirage’?

I had thought about my sound continually over the years, never certain about what I wanted it to be. The influence of pop and funk from my parents meant that when I wrote melodies they always naturally swung in that direction, but through adolescence RnB/soul music was like a pilgrimage to a brighter side, coaxing me towards its delicacy and deep poetic lyricism. So, hence my desire to intertwine them both.

As a 19-year-old singer-songwriter, what message or emotion do you hope listeners take away from ‘Amorous Mirage’?

This feeling of being connected, of feeling understood and above all the acceptance and allowances of immense, raw, honest emotion. As an emotional being, sometimes I felt as if my feelings were dramatic or did not serve a purpose but I want to embrace the reckoning of such large unfiltered expressions.

Billie Skye Singer

The EP is a testament to your raw and genuine approach to music. How do you believe your authenticity as a storyteller translates into a deeper connection with your audience?

I hope one day to share similar feelings with my audience, for them to feel understood by listening to my music, but also for me to be understood. There are a lot of closed books, hidden feelings and secret expressions that I would love to have someone listen and relate to my journey, and hopefully even mirror theirs enough to help them through a dark moment. 

Growing up in the picturesque countryside of Byron Bay in a musical family, how has your background and the influence of your father shaped your musical style and storytelling in ‘Amorous Mirage’?

It has shaped me in many ways, some I can try to articulate and others would be entirely subconscious. I believe the gift I hold the closest was the support and encouragement of my journey to pursue music. It allowed me to embrace my vulnerability and not compress it. 

What exciting projects or plans do you have for the future? Can you give us a glimpse into what listeners can anticipate from Billie Skye in the coming months?

I’m constantly writing, there is no pausing of feelings. So, the next couple of months look like writing, recording and hopefully singing live. 

Finally, a question just for fun… If ‘Amorous Mirage’ were a dish, what type of cuisine do you think it would be, and what flavours would best represent the essence of the EP?

A panna cotta with a raspberry sauce. It almost melts in your mouth with its sensual smoothless, coaxing a gentle, effortless pleasure. Then, combined with a sweet tang that is fresh and exciting, together leaving a lasting memory.

Thanks Billie.

Be sure to check out the heartfelt lyrics and melodies from the ‘Amorous Mirage’ EP and find out why Billie Skye is a name you’ll want to remember. Stream now and keep up to date with Billie via the social links below.

Until next time, let the music carry you away!

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