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Wyoki‘s ‘Hot Damn (El Camino)‘ is a robust slab of power pop, echoing the songwriting finesse of Fountains of Wayne and Weezer. Gary Reid, the sole force behind Wyoki, showcases his musical prowess by playing every instrument on the track. With nearly a decade of experience as a guitar tech and a journey spanning the lower 48, Gary’s musical evolution is palpable—from a life on the road to finding solace in creating music that resonates with him.

Influenced by a diverse range of artists, from The Beatles and blink-182 to Outkast and The Kinks, Wyoki’s sound is a dynamic blend. ‘Hot Damn (El Camino)’ kicks off with a lazy laid-back, mid-tempo vibe, driven by a synth melody and intricate guitars, setting the tone for what’s to come. The vocals, perfectly aligned with this genre and giving me Kurt Vile vibes, jump straight into an infectious chorus, showcasing impressive songwriting skills reminiscent of power pop greats.

A nostalgic familiarity permeates the song, and by verse 2, shades of The Cars emerge—high praise indeed for any writer aiming to create successful power pop anthems. Gary’s production techniques shine during a well-placed right-side panned guitar solo that interplays with left-panned keys—both doing their own thing, and brilliantly, it works!

From the solo and into the final chorus and outro, now with extra backing vocals, I feel like I’ve known this song all my life! ‘Hot Damn (El Camino)’ is a gem that demands attention.

Gary’s extensive experience, including exposure on countless college radio stations and performances at major festivals, speaks to his commitment to the craft. Recorded in his own HalfRackUSA studio in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, the song reflects Gary’s goal of infusing colour and creativity back into music, steering clear of mainstream predictability and embracing a path away from AI influence. Mission accomplished!

In essence, ‘Hot Damn (El Camino)’ epitomises Wyoki’s mission to redefine musical boundaries. And, personally, for me, this is an act I’m going to be keeping a close eye on.

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Wyoki’s latest release, ‘Hot Damn (El Camino),’ is a dynamic power pop masterpiece that skillfully stands alongside Fountains of Wayne and Weezer. Gary Reid, the musical force behind Wyoki, demonstrates his multi-instrumental prowess, crafting a nostalgic yet innovative sound that marks a compelling departure from mainstream conventions.


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