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Miami-based Patrick Doval‘s latest single, ‘Back Home,’ not only showcases his musical and creative prowess but also features Pete Parada, the former drummer of The Offspring, adding an extra layer of energy to the track. The song, accompanied by a self-directed music video, serves as a testament to Patrick’s multifaceted talent. With a rich history dating back to 2008, he has independently released six albums, numerous singles, and an impressive twenty-five music videos.

Recorded between the musical hubs of Miami and Nashville, and masterfully engineered by Geoff Duncan, the track is more than a musical endeavour – it’s a testament to Patrick’s commitment to delivering an authentic and inventive take on indie rock.

‘Back Home’ delves into the daily struggles of life, encapsulating the essence of feeling lost in the rat race and the quest to find someone who can guide you “back home.”

Energetic and solid drumming from Pete Parada sets the tone, bringing a powerful foundation to the song, while fuzzy guitars add a sleazy yet poppy quality, with a cool hook reminiscent of Stereophonics’ ‘Dakota.’ The bass, twangy and cutting through, pumps alongside the drums, creating a tight musical backdrop.

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However, it’s Patrick’s unique and instantly recognisable vocal delivery that steals the spotlight. With echoes of Bowie in the staccato phrasing but with a unique and distinctive touch of vibrato, Patrick’s voice adds a layer of character to the song. And, melodically, the slow-burn chorus took me by surprise and I found myself singing “Sugar, sugar, can you help me find my way back home,” hours later.

Patrick’s influences span a diverse range of musical legends, including Billy Idol, The Cure, Jack White, The Smiths, The Sex Pistols, and The Clash. For me, this eclectic mix contributes to the unique blend of ’70s / ’80s power pop in ‘Back Home,’ drawing parallels to contemporary acts like Uni Boys while paying homage to classic bands like The Heats, The Exploding Hearts, or The Records.

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A noteworthy mention must also go to the music video, where Patrick not only exhibits his acting skills but also reveals his prowess as a director and editor. The video complements the track perfectly, showcasing talents in creating a complete visual and auditory experience.

Patrick’s collaboration with Pete Parada and his hands-on approach to the video production highlight his commitment to delivering an authentic and inventive take on his material. ‘Back Home’ stands as a vibrant chapter in Patrick Doval’s extensive discography, marking yet another successful milestone in his creative journey.

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In Patrick Doval’s latest single, ‘Back Home,’ the energetic drumming by Pete Parada sets a powerful tone, complemented by fuzzy guitars and Doval’s distinctive vocal delivery echoing influences like Bowie. This dynamic blend of ’70s/’80s power pop pays homage to classic bands while showcasing Doval’s commitment to authentic indie rock, making ‘Back Home’ a standout chapter in his extensive musical journey.
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