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It’s been a good two months since I scribbled down my thoughts on Emma Forgette‘s ‘Here To Get My Stuff‘, and now she’s back in the game with ‘Somebody’s Somebody.’ The 19-year-old sensation from Ocala, Florida, threw us a curveball with her last country rock tune, so naturally, we were itching to give her latest track a spin. And let me tell you straight up, she’s only gone and done it again – it’s a belter!

Now, I was fully expecting another blast of country rock with vocals turned up to eleven and electric guitars. But ‘Somebody’s Somebody’ turns the tables on us, flipping into an acoustic love ballad with vocals that could melt butter. The track kicks off with some delicate fingerpicking on an acoustic guitar, paving the way for Emma’s distinctive voice to take the stage. She’s always had pipes, no doubt, but now she’s showing us a whole new bag of tricks. It’s a proper balancing act, belting it out while keeping things close and personal. The build-up is absolutely top-notch. She starts off with a soft, low voice to get you warmed up, before letting loose with those powerhouse vocals just when you’re ready for them.

The chorus is catchy as anything, sticking in your head from the first spin. And she’s driving the whole show with nothing but her voice and that trusty acoustic guitar. But, it’s in the second chorus and the bridge where Emma really cranks it up a notch. Cue the piano sneaking into the mix, adding that extra layer of depth. And just before wrapping up, she hits us with some high-pitched vocals, leaving us hanging on the edge before diving back into that final chorus and outro. It’s a beautiful song from start to finish, with storytelling that’ll have you hooked.

But it’s not just a song; it’s an exploration of the value in every single one of us. Emma’s knocking on doors, reminding us that we all matter to someone out there. And the message is universal, cutting across every line you can think of. Drawing from real-life tales, Emma’s spinning a yarn of compassion and understanding, turning ‘Somebody’s Somebody’ into more than just a tune – it’s a story that needs sharing. And in today’s divided world, that theme of togetherness couldn’t be more on point, giving us all a nudge to remember our shared humanity.

‘Somebody’s Somebody’ is a diamond, and Emma’s delivered it with style. Going all out with an acoustic number is a bold move, but she’s pulled it off with flying colours. It’s only a matter of time before the big dogs in radio catch wind of her. I’ve got a feeling she’s got big things ahead. Here’s hoping she’s got a full-length album up her sleeve for next time around – I’m itching to hear more, no doubt about it.

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Emma Forgette’s ‘Somebody’s Somebody’ surprises listeners with its acoustic love ballad vibe, showcasing Emma’s vocal versatility and storytelling prowess. It’s a reminder of our shared humanity and sets the stage for Emma’s promising future in the music industry.
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