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Get ready to dive into the raw and unfiltered world of Necrotic Society, a no-nonsense feminist political hardcore band straight outta New York City. Their latest album, ‘DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2 Necrotic Society,’ is a mix of their kickass live vibe on Side A and some studio wizardry on Side B.

The latest single ‘Perimeter,’ tackling gun violence, was released on Jan 5th, and, spoiler alert… it hits hard, just like their live shows.

Let’s find out more…

Thanks for joining us and congrats on the new release. The album features live and studio recordings. How did you approach the selection of tracks for the live side, and what was the band’s mindset while recording the studio side?

Well, all the songs in the set that we played live were perfect for this release. We just chose the tracks that we did not mess up too much. We went to the studio with the intention of pulling out the best we could achieve, then we reminded ourselves “wait a minute, we are a punk band” and that’s how the drugs and booze took over lol!

Necrotic Society 1

Your upcoming single “Perimeter” on the Dead Side of ‘DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2’ addresses gun violence, particularly school shootings. How do you navigate the balance between creating powerful, politically charged music and ensuring the audience connects with the message on a personal level?

I try to let lyrics happen organically so that I’m writing as events are unfolding in the world. That way, the anger comes through at the same time I’m feeling it and reacting to things in real-time as opposed to trying to channel up emotions after the fact. I think that ends up making the finished product a little more raw, a little more truthful, and easier to connect with on a personal level.

Necrotic Society has a rich history of touring and collaborating with various bands. How has the band’s sound evolved since its formation in 2016, and what can listeners expect from ‘DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2’ in terms of musical progression?

In the beginning, our sound was more raw and mellow and towards punk rock/hc style. After years, our personal taste and our compatibility with each other evolved, making this studio recording darker, faster, and louder, more… crust punk.

Necrotic Society 2

Given the feminist and political themes in your music, how do you believe the hardcore scene can contribute to social and political discourse, and what role does Necrotic Society aim to play in this dialogue?

Being punks and playing punk music is definitely a platform. We make enough noise that people have to notice us, and if they pay attention, the message is clear. We have always, and, will continue to point out what is wrong with our world and call out motherfuckers that contribute to the problems. It’s in our name.

Necrotic Society 6

What plans does Necrotic Society have in store for the future, both in terms of musical releases and any upcoming tours or collaborations?

We are currently working on new music with the idea to release it by the end of 2024. At the moment, we don’t have any tour on schedule, but we might have the opportunity to play a few festivals this summer.

Finally, a fun one…. If Necrotic Society were to headline a festival of their own creation, what would it be called, and which bands, alive or dead, would be on the dream line-up?

Rotten fest!

With: Wretched, Cripple Bastards, Nausea, Ratos de Porao, Outskirts, Dead Kennedys, and War on Women.

A massive thank you to Necrotic Society for joining us today and, again, congratulations on the new release, ‘DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2.‘ Be sure to check out Necrotic Society’s latest work and stay tuned for their future endeavours via the socials below.

And, don’t forget…. you can buy the album by clicking the button below!

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