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Singer-songwriter Arturo Molinara, known as Liqueedo, has just released his new single, ‘Out of Nowhere.’ A native of Salerno, Liqueedo has been passionate about English music and culture since his teenage years. His musical journey began at 14, singing in a cover band that played songs by the Rolling Stones, Oasis, and the Sex Pistols.

Liqueedo’s career started with his first band, the Oceans, which gained attention by performing live across Italy. Their demo, featuring the track ‘Echoic Memories,’ was played on Italian and international radio stations, including Insomnia Radio UK, where it received significant acclaim.

After a hiatus due to personal challenges and an accident, Liqueedo returned to music during the pandemic, collaborating with longtime friends Andrea Bruno, GianMario Galano, and Federico Cozza. This led to the creation of new songs and the revival of old recordings.

‘Out of Nowhere’ is inspired by a friend going through a tough time and addresses themes of friendship and life’s challenges. The song, influenced by early Oasis and Stone Roses sounds, encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and cherish youth. It combines a melodic line with lyrics that speak against loneliness and societal disapproval, promoting simplicity and authenticity.


The single has already attracted the attention of Marco Biondi, a well-known radio DJ and record producer, leading to Liqueedo signing with SorryMom! He is now preparing his debut album at GOLDMINE RECORDS, which will be distributed by Universal Music through BeNextMusic.

Liqueedo’s new single is now available, check it out and enjoy the Britpop vibes!

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