Friday, April 19 2024

Happy Thursday! Today, TIG is thrilled to present the latest release from the quirky San Francisco-based band Country Risqué. Brace yourselves for ‘Depression Drawer,’ a song that, despite its sombre title, invites listeners into a realm of humour and good-natured fun and has had us singing along since we heard it!

Country Risqué, the brainchild of Miles Gordon and Daniel Bromfield, emerged from the thriving Eugene. The duo’s chance reunion in San Francisco led to a musical partnership marked by Mile’s romantic sensibilities and Daniel’s deadpan humour, creating a unique blend that defines the band’s character.

‘Depression Drawer’ is the result of the duo’s creative chemistry, offering a peek into pandemic-era disillusionment ingeniously stashed away in a drawer. Daniel Bromfield’s honky-tonk piano and witty vocal delivery guide the song through relatable emotional landscapes, while Miles Gordon’s harmonies, Richard Moog’s dynamic guitar work, and Tomas Georgiou’s steady drums complete the sound.

Country Risqué

This cheeky yet profound piece unfolds the depths of pandemic woes through a 4/4 shuffle, proving that even in the face of the world’s absurdities, humour can be found. So, hit play and let the laughter echo through the melancholy – because, after all, Country Risqué is here to show that every drawer, even the depression drawer, has a silver lining.

Check it out now!

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