Thursday, May 30 2024

Nominated for Best Young Breakthrough Artist in 2024, SHANNON DARCY from Essex, UK returns with her latest release, ‘Just Worried Because,’ a lively punk-pop anthem in the style of Avril Lavigne that packs a real punch!

Drawing from her personal experiences, ‘Just Worried Because’ tackles the irrational thoughts that plague the teenage mind—overthinking, anxiety, and needless worry— all too relatable for today’s youth, and perhaps even older generations. Even in your 30s and beyond, you can lie awake all night worrying about nothing.

From the very first chord, the song brings an undeniable energy. As a big fan of pop-punk myself, I immediately recognise the influence of the genre’s golden era in the ’90s and ’00s, reminiscent of icons like Green Day, Offspring, and Blink 182. SHANNON’s vocals shine in the verses, displaying an impressive vocal range uncommon in punk rock. The raw yet refined, controlled, and sophisticated vocal style reminds me of Our Lady Peace. The palm-muted guitars drive the vocals until the pumping bass and drums join the mix. In the chorus, you can feel the enthusiasm and power of the song. I really like the guitar riff in the background; it compliments the vocals well. ‘Just Worried Because’ evokes an Avril Lavigne kind of vibe, and that’s a big compliment. SHANNON’s voice is warm and full, yet she’s still able to sing in a higher range.

Shannon Darcy

An interlude provides a brief rest for the ears as SHANNON gathers her thoughts. And, a personal highlight moment emerges in the latter half of the bridge, where SHANNON adopts a spoken-word style, propelled by emphatic drumrolls, before catapulting into a surge of energy. You’re hyped and excited to hear the catchy chorus again.

‘Just Worried Because’ is a gritty punk-ass rock song with the anthemic portrayal of teenage angst, resonating with audiences across generations. It’s straightforward structure embodies the essence of the punk-pop genre, while its nuanced elements keep me engaged. Maybe SHANNON will be the new batch of punk / pop-punk rock stars to follow in the footsteps of Green Day and Blink 182. We have to accept that these guys won’t get younger, so maybe it’s time for new punk rock blood.

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SHANNON DARCY’s latest release, ‘Just Worried Because,’ is a vibrant punk-pop anthem that explores the universal theme of teenage anxiety while channeling the energy of pop-punk icons like Avril Lavigne and Green Day. With raw vocals and dynamic instrumentals, SHANNON captures the essence of punk rock’s golden era, offering a fresh perspective.


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