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Since the incorporation of background music into video games during the late ’70s and early ’80s, music has evolved into a significant component of the overall gaming experience. Think about the iconic melodies of Tetris or Super Mario – they’ve become ingrained in our memories. Who could have predicted the day when a Grammy Award would be presented for the best soundtrack in a video game?

Enter Parham Gharavaisi, a solo artist from Tehran, Iran. Influenced profoundly by music in video games, such as Disturbed’s ‘Decadence’ in Need for Speed, he found his gateway into the metal scene. His latest creation, ‘Fatal Wings‘ showcases his versatility across multiple genres, marking it as a true masterpiece. And, luckily, we’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review this multi-genre marvel.

Produced by Parham Gharavaisi

Parham’s musical inspiration isn’t confined solely to video games; he draws from the sounds of old-school ’00s music. Unrestricted by a single style, he explores Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal, Gothic Rock, and Gothic Metal. A highly productive artist, songwriter, and producer, Parham has released eight albums since 2018, with a new one set to drop on October 14. ‘Fatal Wings’, his latest single, defies easy genre categorisation, blending elements of metalcore, melodic metal, gothic metal, and symphonic metal.

The song unfolds with a moderate pace, think of Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’, but ‘Fatal Wings’ quickly seizes your attention with its compelling drum rhythm, deep vocals, and haunting synths. The chorus introduces growled vocals, a characteristic of metalcore and death metal, and in Parham’s case, reminiscent of Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth). This switch skillfully transforms symphonic metal into a much darker gothic metal. Parham’s ability to seamlessly transition from clean, emotional vocals to powerful growls, coupled with the driving force of the drums and heavy guitars, captivates the listener with these dynamic variations.

The upcoming album by Parham delves into weighty themes such as societal collapse, self-harm, suicide, grief and loss, mass shootings, domestic abuse, and internal conflict. ‘Fatal Wings’ mirrors this sociopolitical commentary, with lines like…

I was told there’s a way we can fix this;

There’s a way we can coexist as one.

‘Fatal Wings’ By Parham Gharavaisi

… reflecting the current state of our world. In an era marked by conflict, these poetic lyrics prompt introspection on how humanity can coexist amidst ongoing wars.

Parham Gharavaisi emerges as a multi-talented artist and producer capable of producing various musical styles, a rarity in the industry. His lyrics, beautifully penned and evidently heartfelt, guide the listener through a captivating musical journey across different metal genres. ‘Fatal Wings’ stands as a testament to his skill, leaving us eagerly anticipating his upcoming full-length album ‘Ghosts of Nations.’

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Parham Gharavaisi’s latest single ‘Fatal Wings’ showcases his impressive musical versatility, blending metalcore, melodic metal, gothic metal, and symphonic metal. With dynamic variations in vocals and instrumentation and poetic lyrics, the song captivates listeners and serves as a promising preview for his upcoming full-length album.


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