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Stephen Gilchrist, the creative force behind Stephen EvEns and the founder of Brixton Hill Studios, gears up for the release of his latest single, ‘A Bee,’ scheduled for release on April 12. This track serves as a precursor to his highly anticipated third album, ‘Here Come The Lights,’ which hits the airwaves on March 29 via Onomatopoeia Records.

Directed by Ashley Jones of The Chaos Engineers, the accompanying video offers an exclusive glimpse into a visual narrative featuring Stephen alongside comedian Steve Furst and guitarist Jimi Scandal. The video boasts an ensemble cast of talented musicians, including Nicola Baigent, Josh Perl, Graham Wright, and Mark Reynolds, along with Stephen’s dedicated band members Jimi Scandal, Debbie Smith, and Crompton Wesp. And, as a special exclusive treat we have been given early access to the video… so, CHECK IT NOW!

‘A Bee’ injects a dash of glamour into Stephen’s indie-pop and rock blend, showcasing his experimental studio prowess. Inspired by upbeat pop tones and glam rock elements, the track exudes a fresh optimism that characterises the forthcoming album.

Reflecting on the track’s origins, Stephen shared, “A Bee is based on a joke my pal Jo always tells. She was feeling fed up one day so I put her joke to a moronic little chord pattern and played it over the phone to her.”


Having heard the album, ‘A Bee’ is one of the amazing tracks included. So, be sure you don’t miss out and presave below:

In addition, catch Stephen live at The Lexington on Sunday, March 31, alongside The Scaramanga Six, and don’t miss a performance at The Prince Albert in Brighton on Monday, May 11.

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