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Otlo, a singer & songwriter from Nashville has been cooking up his special mix of bedroom and indie-pop tunes since 2022. Steeped in the vibes of the ’90s, thanks to his childhood spent glued to video games and old-school media, Otlo’s music has this vibe that’s both retro and bang up-to-date. His first album, ‘Woozy,’ even snagged him a spot on an official Spotify playlist with the tune, ‘But A Dream.’ And now he’s dropping, ‘Sweet Nothings,’ taking us on a romantic trip through the world of lo-fi indie-pop.

The ride kicks off with the soft thump of vintage drum machines, joined by mellow synth tunes and a silky bassline. Otlo’s vocals, doused in reverb, blend right in with the music; whisking us away to this dreamy world. It’s like being in a utopia where everything’s just perfect. The vibe of the song reminds me of Peter, Bjorn and John, the Swedish indie-pop trio known from ‘Young Folks,’ along with the laid-back vibes of Mac DeMarco, Dayglow, and the multi-instrumental wizardry of Far Caspian.

‘Sweet Nothings’ has this mesmerising quality. It even has some Gus Dapperton bedroom-eque aesthetic. As the chorus kicks in, the beat gets groovier, throwing in some fresh synth vibes and gentle piano touches to keep you hooked. Even though Otlo keeps his vocal style steady, the catchy melody and his skillful mix of sounds keep things interesting. But what really grabbed me was that sweet guitar solo in the bridge. It added this whole new depth to the song that I reckon was needed. And even though this track’s cooked up in Otlo’s bedroom, you can’t deny the quality of the production. It’s top-notch.

Centered around the theme of love, the song’s lyrics might be simple, but they hit you right in the feels when matched with the dreamlike musical backdrop. It’s like listening to a poem come to life, a perfect soundtrack for anyone lost in the haze of a new romance.

‘Sweet Nothings’ is a charming indie-pop love letter. Perfect for all you hopeless romantics out there, it’s the soundtrack to those cozy moments lost in each other’s eyes. With its irresistible melody and captivating atmosphere, Otlo solidifies his spot as a force to be reckoned with in the indie-pop scene, leaving us eager for more enchanting tunes to come.

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Otlo mixes bedroom and indie-pop drawing from 90s nostalgia. His latest release, ‘Sweet Nothings,’ is a dreamy lo-fi indie-pop track captivating listeners with its catchy melody and polished production, leaving fans eager for more.
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