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Get ready to fall into the latest release from New York City’s own John Beckmann’s Mortal Prophets – their highly anticipated EP, ‘Sleeping in My Bed’, has just dropped. Each of the six tracks in this collection feels like stepping into in a cinematic music experience. The spoken word passages throughout the EP grab your attention, drawing you into scenes that feel straight out of a movie. John Beckmann and his crew skillfully blend modern pop rock vibes with elements of blues, rock, and experimentation, resulting in a genre-defying EP that showcases storytelling at its finest

The EP opener, ‘Bury Them Deep‘, sets the tone with a laid-back groove, fused with the smooth strumming of guitars and piano melodies. John’s gritty voice, a unique fusion of Tom Waits’ gravelly charm and Nick Cave’s haunting appeal, immediately captivates. It even sounds a bit like Damon Albarn on Blur’s latest album ‘Ballad of Darren’. The song gradually builds momentum, reaching its bombastic climax with the addition of distorted guitars and angelic backing vocals, making it the standout track of the EP. The dark yet beautifully written lyrics add depth to the composition. Personally, this is my favourite song of the EP.

Gun and a Prayer’ maintains the same laid-back vibe as its predecessor, with a combination of acoustic picking and piano arpeggios. John’s vocals, delivered like a captivating narrative, are complemented by perfectly timed spoken words. The incorporation of sound effects from drum machines and synthesizers adds intrigue and depth to the track. The song has the power to suck you in. The titular lyric represents the thematic essence of the song in a single phrase.

I got a gun and prayer, welcome to America.

Gun and a Prayer’ by Mortel Prohpets

Sleeping in My Bed’ echoes the influence of Tom Waits, with intertwining vocals between John and the female background singer creating a mesmerising effect. The addition of horns and saxophones adds layers to the song, enriching its composition.

The storytelling essence is preserved in ‘Tom Waits in Drag’, while ‘Hell or High Water’ showcases the harmonica as its focal point, evoking the image of a lone figure traversing the American desert on a horse. In the final track, ‘Cut You Down’, the sublime female backing vocals are replaced by deep, low male voices, with the driving force of the song provided by the drumbeat and synthesizer.

The Mortal Prophets effortlessly balance simplicity with depth in their music, creating a captivating music experience. Their tracks maintain an engaging momentum, akin to binge-watching a gripping series, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what comes next. Crafting complex compositions while maintaining simplicity and clarity requires serious songwriting finesse, highlighting the band’s skillful orchestration skills.

The ‘Sleeping in My Bed’ EP defies easy categorisation, blending elements of indie rock, pop, brass, and harmonica seamlessly. John’s talent for storytelling and timing of spoken words is evident throughout the EP, drawing comparisons to iconic figures like Tom Waits and Nick Cave while maintaining his own distinctive sound. The EP’s dark themes are expressed through poetic lyrics, enhancing the mesmerising and captivating experience of the music. It’s truly a magical, if not slightly dark, experience!

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The Mortal Prophets new EP ‘Sleeping in My Bed’ is a cinematic journey through raw emotion and captivating storytelling. Each track seamlessly blends modern pop rock with blues, rock, and experimentation, creating a genre-defying experience. Don’t miss out on this magical musical journey.


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