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Manchester’s rich musical heritage has been a cornerstone of the UK scene since the 1960s, boasting legendary acts such as the Bee Gees. However, it was during the ’70’s, ’80s and ’90s that the city truly came into its own, birthing influential bands like Joy Division, New Order, and The Stone Roses. And, who can’t sing along with Oasis’s ‘Wonderwall’? Manchester is undeniably the indie capital of the UK. One of the newest emerging indie stars hailing from the city is Olivia Booth and her band. Having previously reviewed the single ‘SATISFIED,’ we were excited to have the opportunity to take a listen to the recently released follow-up, indie-pop-rock anthem, ‘Wasted.’

While performing under the moniker Olivia Booth, the band is a collaborative effort, with Olivia on vocals, supported by Emma Greaney on acoustic guitar, Ed Whittaker White on electric guitar, Kian Mulenga on drums, and Josh Owens on bass. Olivia’s journey began in Brighton, where she crossed paths with her bandmates during her studies. Their shared passion for music led them back to Manchester, where they’ve honed their sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Sam Fender, their music blends alternative, rock, and pop elements, which are prominently showcased in their latest track ‘Wasted’.

The song kicks off with a tom-based drum beat, accompanied by Olivia’s captivating and compelling vocals. The verse gradually builds up to an energetic and dynamic chorus, accentuated by the addition of guitars and snapping snare. Olivia demonstrates her vocal talent amidst the indie-rock-pop fusion, evoking shades of Avril Lavigne’s distinct style. The infectious melody, the dynamism of the chorus, and Olivia’s remarkable vocals left me wanting more! Whilst drawing influences from bands like Bastille, Olivia’s vocals exude even more power. Even, if you added some heavy distorted guitars, she would still be able to overpower them with her distinctive voice! Midway through the song, ‘Wasted’ adopts a more pop-oriented vibe reminiscent of acts like Florence and the Machine, and it adds a different nuance to the track.

Thematically, ‘Wasted’ explores the universal experience of betrayal in love, capturing the poignant realisation of time wasted on a deceitful partner. It’s an anthem for those who have navigated the tumultuous waters of heartbreak and emerged stronger for it.

‘Wasted’ is a finely crafted modern indie-rock track infused with pop elements, propelled by Olivia’s commanding vocals. Its catchy nature makes it easy to replay and sing along to, while its relatable theme will resonate with a broad audience. With numerous gigs lined up, Olivia and her band are poised to make a name for themselves. Once again, Manchester proves its knack for producing musical gems.

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Manchester’s indie scene shines with Olivia Booth’s latest track ‘Wasted.’ Powerful vocals, catchy melodies, and relatable lyrics make it a must-listen indie pop rock anthem.
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