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Following the release of their first single ‘Treading Water’ from the upcoming album ‘New Horizons’ The Nomadic have now unveiled their new country-alt rock ballad ‘All Changed’.

The Nomadic are an Australian indie rock band founded by singer-songwriter Rob Gaylard. After five years in the New York City indie rock scene, Rob returned to Sydney, Australia, in 2022, where he formed The Nomadic with Miles Thomas on drums, Oliver Thorpe on guitar, and Brendan Clark on bass. The song is produced by Dan Frizza (known for his work with Tones & I and King Princess).

‘All Changed’ is an indie rock song infused with country elements. It kicks off with a captivating riff on a fuzzed guitar, lending it an alternative vibe, while maintaining an Americana and country sound driven by a mellow beat and Rob’s gritty vocals. The vocals sound refreshingly natural and sincere, adding emotional depth to the song. They’re not over-processed and sound a bit raw. Personally, I like that in a song. Especially in a rock song. The listener has to believe the lead singer. The chorus boasts a catchy and melodic melody, complemented by the clean guitar’s chorus effect and a simple but impressive solo that blends rock with country influences.  

The song explores big life stuff like, growing up, personal growth, relationships, break-ups, mindset shifts and resilience. It states that we ‘all change’ when going through tough times. It’s one of Rob’s most personal tracks yet, with lyrics that hit you right in the feels.

The Nomadic

Accompanying the release is a music video directed by Tom Dunphy, which explores themes of love, loss, friendship, forgiveness, addiction, and recovery. Set against the backdrop of a therapy group, the video reflects the struggles of the characters. It really fits the song’s topic and lyrics.

‘All Changed’ is a captivating and emotionally charged indie rock ballad with elements of alt-country, evoking an Americana vibe. Rob’s heartfelt delivery, supported by exceptional musicians, makes for a compelling listening experience. The song’s universal topics will strike a chord with any adult who has faced life’s challenges. We eagerly anticipate the release of The Nomadic’s full album, awaiting more from this talented Australian band.

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The Nomadic’s latest release ‘All Changed’ blends indie rock with country influences, featuring captivating vocals and heartfelt lyrics exploring themes of personal growth, relationships, and resilience. Accompanied by a touching music video, the song resonates deeply, promising an eagerly awaited full album from this talented Australian band.


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