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Laura Dannan, a talented singer-songwriter from Hertfordshire, UK, has just released her latest single ‘Rise.’ Laura, whose musical journey took flight during the tumultuous first lockdown of 2020, taught herself guitar, igniting a passion for songwriting that has led her to perform for audiences across folk clubs, festivals, and iconic London music venues. Now, with her third single ‘Rise,’ inspired by the challenges of navigating through dark mental spaces, Laura aims to convey a message of hope and resilience.

The song starts with a gentle acoustic guitar being fingerpicked. The vocals enter and it’s a really nice clear tone – very melodic and warm. The southern England twang is unmistakable and evokes thoughts of Lilly Allen, albeit fleetingly, yet these lyrics are darker and more serious.

Within the shackles of my mind,

A thousand thoughts start to unwind.

Bringing me no hint of peace,

I wonder if they’ll ever cease.

Plunged into a deep abyss,

I ask myself ‘what did I miss?’

‘Rise’ by Laura Dannan

The first verse sails by building the mood and then the narrative continues into verse two – further augmenting the darkness being created. At this point, we are also joined by the eerie warmth of a cello. Melodically, you realise in verse two that the second half is a clever hook to pull you in – you may not know the words yet, but the tune is a winner. The song feels intimate, it’s brooding and you aren’t quite sure where it’s going to take you. 

Laura Dannan Singer Songwriter

But, as we move into the chorus, beautifully smooth and supported by the cello, the melody again is really nice—subtly understated—and does exactly what it needs to. The main thing that comes through for me is the emotion in the vocal, but now, in the chorus, I can hear hope and questioning. The first run-through is slightly unsure: “I acknowledge that I will try to no longer deny the light that deserves to be mine.” We don’t quite believe it yet. Then, Laura sings it all again; the strength in the vocal and the narration is more convincing this time. Of course, this is all part of the song—the act, the drama of emotion.

And then, at just over 2 minutes, the entrance of a flute brings a true glimmer of hope. The switch of the guitar from picking to a more strummed rhythmic pattern supports the full flute melody brilliantly, and it’s in this moment, right now, you start to believe those words: “I acknowledge that I will try to no longer deny the light that deserves to be mine.” It’s now become a mantra. As the music swells with optimism before ebbing away and ending, I was left feeling uplifted and encouraged, believing in the possibility of brighter days ahead.

I really enjoyed this song by Laura. It’s catchy without being cheesy, and the melodies, lyrics, and vocals are on point. ‘Rise’ showcases Laura’s ability to craft compelling narratives and deliver them with sincerity and authenticity. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Laura, and if ‘Rise’ is anything to go by, then we have a songwriter here with not only something to say but also the skillset to say it well.

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Laura Dannan’s latest single ‘Rise’ showcases her journey from self-taught guitarist to accomplished singer-songwriter, delivering a poignant message of hope amidst dark times. With evocative lyrics and strong melodies, ‘Rise’ is an intimate and emotive musical journey.
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