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After ‘A Wonderful World,’ a critically acclaimed album, USA-based singer-songwriter Wise John has released a new song featuring the Portuguese singer-songwriter leo. on vocals. leo. and John met on TikTok and haven’t even met in real life. Still, they managed to produce a wonderful gem together: ‘standing in sunlight‘.

Inspired by the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Father John, and Sufjan Stevens, ‘standing in sunlight’ is a captivating indie pop track that blends catchy hooks with heartfelt sentiments. Wise John’s tender and emotional vocals draw listeners in from the start, accompanied by an intimate acoustic guitar and haunting synths that create a harmonious backdrop. As the song progresses, a brief pause adds suspense before the introduction of deep bass tones and harmonic synths, further enhancing the vocal delivery. Together, these elements create a cohesive and engaging listening experience.

In the second verse, John is joined by leo. who adds rich harmonies to the melody, creating an impressive blend with the instruments. I can only say that it sounds stunning – it’s absolutely amazing! The subtle variations throughout the song maintain its intrigue, while the addition of bird sounds adds a dreamy ambiance. When the bird sounds join the mix, you can imagine yourself laying in a field staring at the sky, drifting away to the music. As the song ends, you’ll find yourself wanting more.

The song’s brilliance lies in its composition and lyrics. Despite being 4,000 miles apart, John and leo. crafted a collaboration that sounds like it was recorded together in a studio. Addressing the complexities of a new relationship, the song explores the struggle of one partner to fully express their emotions while the other eagerly anticipates their openness. John’s verse reflects this internal struggle – he’s not giving it all – while leo.’s verse, adapted from a poem by Kait Rokowski (also co-author on the lyrics), provides a perspective from the partner waiting for John’s heart to melt.

Wise John wrote a winner. The song has a unique sound, beautiful poetic lyrics, and amazing vocals. It’s a song for everyone who stepped into a new relationship and is struggling to learn to love someone anew. Add ‘standing in sunlight’ to your playlist; you won’t be disappointed.

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USA-based singer-songwriter Wise John and Portuguese singer-songwriter leo. collaborated on this captivating indie pop track ‘standing in sunlight’. They reflect the struggle and anticipation of a new relationship. The song’s unique sound, poetic lyrics, and emotional vocals make it a must-add to any playlist.


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