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Welcome, to an exclusive interview with Rob Glover, one third of the band, Specky Cult, who have just released their latest 11-track album, ‘A Different Kind of Difficult.’ Hailing from the picturesque shores of Whitley Bay in the United Kingdom, Rob is here to provide us with an inside look into the creative process, the evolution of Specky Cult’s sound, and the inspiration behind their latest album. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Specky Cult’s electrifying new release, blending elements of punk rock, alternative, and pop into a unique and fun musical experience.

How does ‘A Different Kind of Difficult’ differ from Specky Cult’s previous recordings, both musically and thematically?

The original lineup was put together to do music for a musical I had written. The play was called ‘Specky Cult’ and was based on a short story I wrote about when I gigged, supporting The Stranglers in London, and the adventures / misadventures we had. The original album was acoustic and followed the play’s narrative. Once we got used to the set-up, we had a lineup change. These things happen and you evolve. From there, we decided to go more electric and put a pin in the play, and go for the more fun option of playing in the band, and having more scope for songs. Myself and Carol were joined by keys player Rob Bradford, and hey-ho, the new album came into being.

Specky Cult Band

Can you explain how Specky Cult’s sound has evolved from acoustic punk to electric rock for this new album?

I think I may have covered some of this previously. But, with the lineup change it was a good time to change, or, more accurately, keep what we had but add to it. Some of our songs are still acoustic and humorous, but we also have keys and bass and drums now. So, to be fair it’s the best of both worlds.

What led to the decision to shift focus from a narrative-driven musical to being a band and releasing standalone material?

The lineup changed, leaving just me and Carol. So, we said, “Let’s shake things up, bring in new people, and see where this goes.” Specky Cult became a bit like ‘Trigger’s Broom’ in Only Fools & Horses. It’s the same broom, but with 17 new heads and 14 new handles… but, it’s still the same broom!

What was the songwriting process like for ‘A Different Kind of Difficult’?

With the new lineup we all got a bit of a new lease of life. Rob inspired both Carol and myself to write more material plus change where we were headed: let’s be electric, let’s be more catchy, let’s write the songs we want to write.

Why did Specky Cult choose ‘Come Back Kid’ and ‘Seriously’ as the lead singles for ‘A Different Kind of Difficult’ (and, why not ‘Anthems and Tantrums’ – my personal fave lol!)?

OK, you have the same problem we had! Depending on the day and depending on the mood, every song has been our fave at one point or another. A lot of people like the acoustic stuff while others the catchy stuff. ‘Big Shop’ seemed to be the popular one for a while, but then the next reviewer likes ‘Everything is Awesome.’ So, the answer is they were the best ones at that exact second, and the next day we would have plumped for something else.

Looking ahead, how do Specky Cult plan to capitalise on the momentum from the release of ‘A Different Kind of Difficult’? Are there specific goals or aspirations for the band in the near future?

We’re a little different from most bands. As the play showed, we did the touring and the big gigs many moons ago, so, we’re not after anything like fame, fortune etc. Some good gigs and to meet like-minded people seems an easy win, so that’s what we’re after: a good time with nice people and the ability to present our music.

Specky Cult Band 2

Fun question: If Specky Cult could collaborate with any artist, living or deceased, on a future project, who would it be and why?

I would go for Prince, or, maybe Bob Mould. The three of us have varied tastes, so the other two might disagree, but hey, man up for interviews if you want your say! Haha!

Thanks Rob for joining us to chat about Specky Cult’s latest album, ‘A Different Kind of Difficult.’ From his insightful reflections on the evolution of the band’s sound to his candid revelations about the songwriting process, Rob has provided us with a glimpse into the creative journey behind this release. As we eagerly await the band’s future endeavours, we highly recommend checking out the new album as there are some great songs from a band who are all about the music. Stay tuned for more updates from Specky Cult!

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