Thursday, May 30 2024

Tucson-based musician Brian Berggoetz has released his latest EP, ‘Magical Times,’ and it’s causing a bit of a stir in the music scene! With a blend of diverse styles and influences, Brian brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Brian’s passion for music runs deep – A self-taught guitarist and talented songwriter, he’s been gracing stages since his early 20s. But what sets Brian apart is his unique take on classics. Instead of just covering songs, he adds personal flair with his own touches and style.


Brian isn’t just a solo act either; he fronts two incredible bands, each offering a distinct experience – from pure rock and roll vibes to a more laid-back sound with orchestral elements like violin and cello. His ability to adapt his music to different contexts is truly remarkable.

Drawing inspiration from legends like Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar Mellencamp, Brian’s lyrics are easily relatable to fans and newcomers. Whether you catch him live or listen at home, one thing’s for sure: Brian Berggoetz and his bandmates deliver an unforgettable experience.

The ‘Magical Times’ EP is out now – Check it today!

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