Friday, April 19 2024

Bailey Tomkinson, the acclaimed singer/songwriter from St Ives, Cornwall, unveils her latest release today, ‘Christmas for Cowboys’. This Americana-infused single delivers a laid-back, nostalgic vibe, showcasing Bailey’s signature style with not only a great production, but also a beautiful hook that when aligned with the lyrics can’t help but make you contemplate.

Back in the cities they have different ways,

Football and eggnog and Christmas parades.

I’ll take the blanket, I’ll take the reins,

It’s Christmas for Cowboys and wide open plains.

Christmas for Cowboys

As an unsigned and unmanaged artist, Bailey has picked up widespread recognition, featured in The Times, The FT and The Daily Mail, who hailed her as ‘Britain’s Taylor Swift’. Bailey’s 2022 debut tour and ‘California Fire’ EP, blending Surf-Rock, Americana, Country, and Folk-Pop, solidified her presence on the UK music scene. The singer’s collaboration with Wrangler and a debut USA performance further underscored her rising influence, with her 2022 song ‘Astronaut’ surpassing Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift on the iTunes chart!

So, check out Bailey’s latest song and experience the holiday spirit with ‘Christmas for Cowboys’ – an Americana gem that adds a soulful warmth to your festive playlist.

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