Friday, April 19 2024

The TIG office has been rocking this morning because Imperial April just released their new 12-track album—and it’s a belter! Delivering guitar-heavy power pop and big choruses, these guys have a knack for writing catchy tunes guaranteed to stick in your head.

Emerging as New Zealand’s standout band during the pandemic, this side project of alt/pop act The Response showcases bassist Victoria Knopp’s superb vocals, jangly guitars, and ’90s pop-rock influences.

Imperial April’s debut single ‘Peachy’ set the stage back in 2020 with infectious energy and sharp vocals, drawing comparisons to Courtney Love, The Beths, and Garbage. So, why the three-year wait? Victoria says, “Versions of this album have been floating around on hard drives and CD-Rs for what feels like an eternity. Between the pandemic making live shows unpredictable, producing and playing for other bands, and life just doing what it does, we blinked, and three years had passed.”

Whatever the reasons, TIG is more than happy that the album is now seeing the light of day.

Check out this exclusive video of Imperial April performing ‘Peeling Away’ live in Studio B last month.

Track listing for the new album is:

  1. Peachy
  2. Oh Denial
  3. Peeling Away
  4. Release Me
  5. I Didn’t Go
  6. 9:30
  7. Boredom Pays
  8. Sunlight
  9. Hurt Or Bleeding
  10. Tonic For Your Boredom
  11. Baby Blue
  12. Everything Is Okay

And, with a runtime of just under 37 minutes, there’s no excuse not to find time to listen to this album today! You won’t be disappointed.

Learn more about Imperial April and explore their socials below:

Website / Facebook / Spotify / Bandcamp / YouTube / Instagram


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