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The Seattle music scene produced some absolute legends in rock, with names like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden carving their place in history. But, it’s not just about grunge and alternative vibes anymore. The indie scene is buzzing with acts like Band of Horses, Modest Mouse and Fleet Foxes. And now, breaking onto the scene with their fresh sound is La Need Machine, the rising stars of Seattle, bringing their latest track ‘These Old Jeans’ to the forefront.

La Need Machine’s sound is a fusion of classic rock, punk, and indie influences. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Nirvana and Green Day, as well as rock legends such as The Who and Led Zeppelin, they infuse their music with a modern edge. With elements of pop, their sound is both unique and instantly recognisable.

‘These Old Jeans’ follows their highly praised debut ‘I Wish I Could Fly,’ boasting over three hundred thousand streams on Spotify. While sharing the same catchy pop-rock melody (that will stick in your head for days!), ‘These Old Jeans’ is my personal favourite between the two. It possesses the potential to become the band’s ultimate standout track.

Kicking off with a catchy, joyful melody on guitar and strings, ‘These Old Jeans’ sets the stage with an upbeat tempo that’s impossible not to groove along to. You will immediately tap your feet. It’s feel-good vibes are guaranteed to put a grin on your face from the get-go. The vocals, with their distinct sound that reminds me of Andy Hull from the band Manchester Orchestra, are beautifully complemented by fascinating female harmonies. As the chorus hits, the voices smoothly merge, while the combination of fuzzy guitar and strings inject just the right amount of energy. Think Apples in Stereo, but with an added pop twist from La Need Machine. I also love the composition of the bridge. The busy but sophisticated drums, driven by strings, give the song its emotional momentum and nostalgic vibe. Followed by an intimate chorus with only a guitar and a hi-hat, La Need Machine knows how to build up tension. With each variation of the chorus leading to the song’s climax, it’s no wonder you find yourself hitting repeat as soon as it’s over. And, then again!

‘These Old Jeans’ explores the path to wisdom in life. As one learns, they understand there’s always more to know. This leads to questioning their own beliefs and considering different perspectives. It fosters empathy and connection with others, bringing us closer to peace and understanding. It’s a topic that resonates with many in their day-to-day experiences.

La Need Machine has what it takes to really stand out in the indie scene, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they become one of Seattle’s top bands. ‘These Old Jeans’ perfectly captures their vibe—it’s a super catchy indie pop-rock track with incredible harmonies between the male and female singers. It’s upbeat, infectious, and sure to put a smile on your face.

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La Need Machine’s latest track ‘These Old Jeans’ blends different influences into an catchy pop-rock anthem that’s sure to captivate listeners and is poised to become Seattle’s next big indie sensation.


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