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Germany has turned out numerous standout bands that fuse indie rock with punk and pop, such as The Ärzte, Die Toten Hosen, Wizo, and JBO. What sets them apart is their ability to have fun, delivering upbeat tracks that bring joy without taking themselves too seriously. Fake Plastic embodies this same vibe, making them a welcome addition to the German indie rock scene. Their most recent single ‘Endless No’ definitely put a smile on my face during the review process.

Kicking off with a lively up-tempo drumbeat, backed by a tight, solid bassline and the strum of a lightly distorted guitar (that reminded me of the mighty Foo’s ‘Everlong’ ever so slightly), Fake Plastic immediately hook you in as soon as the vocals kick in. There’s something about the delivery that brings to mind Clinic’s ‘DP’. The verses and choruses have a similar vibe to Plastic Bertrand’s ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’. It’s all about having a good time without taking things too seriously, and that infectious joy resonates with the listener. If I had the chance to catch this band live, you can bet I’d be front and centre, bouncing around or joining the mosh pit frenzy.

As the song progresses, it steadily amps up the intensity with beefier guitars, a thumping bassline, and doubled vocals, injecting even more energy into the mix. The quirky and playful outro adds an extra layer of enjoyment for the listener. The dynamic shifts between the up-tempo sections and the pauses keep the song engaging throughout. And those ‘oh’s’ in the final chorus give off a vibe reminiscent of the ‘dogs’ in ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’, underscoring the sheer fun Fake Plastic brings to their music.

They craft songs authentically, playing them true to form without pretense. The result is a delightful, straightforward up-tempo indie rock pop tune that’s bound to bring a smile to your face. While the lyrics may lack a deep, overarching meaning, they possess surreal and even poetic elements, adding to the song’s charm. In the end, ‘Endless No’ is simply pure fun, executed with precision and gusto.

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Endless No by Fake Plastic is an up-tempo indie rock song with elements of pop and punk that will bring a smile on your face. Sometimes simplicity and fun is all you need to write a great song.


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