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Hailing from the vibrant music scene of London, The Breakdown have released their latest single, ‘Modern Lies.’ Produced by the talented Andy Strevens, this track elevates The Breakdown’s distinctive style to new heights. With ‘Modern Lies,’ the band explores the intricate nuances of digital-era identities and the profound struggles of self-perception within a social media-dominated world.

The track dives straight into the vocals, which I must admit, I always enjoy. We’re right into the heart of the matter with this approach – no fuss – kick off the song! Immediately, I’m struck by a Britpop vibe – reminiscent of ‘Lucky You’ by Lightning Seeds fused with a James sound. And, it works well… in fact, it works very well.

The verse maintains a mid-tempo, catchy melody and rhythm, and we haven’t even reached the chorus yet. The vocals possess an unmistakable London flair (though not to the extent of Blur) and a unique timbre that makes them instantly recognisable, which is always a good thing. The guitars have that Britpop ‘scratch and itch’ feel, while the drums bounce along and the bass sits tightly in the pocket.

When the chorus arrives, it’s solid. The transition between the verses and the chorus is clever and smoothly executed, thanks in part to the backing vocals that have been subtly working their way in through the verse. So, when they almost become a secondary lead part, it comes as no surprise and enhances the change, making it even more effective. In fact, a significant strength of this song lies in its harmonies and backing vocals. Remove them, and some of the impact of ‘Modern Lies’ would be lost. They have been thought out very smartly.

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Another round of the verse, with a shift in dynamics (via drum drops), leads us back to the chorus, before taking us into a middle section that brings to mind the style of Kasabian. Then, it’s back to the chorus to wrap things up… solid structure, well-written, and top-notch performance. Bang. Job done!

Thematically, ‘Modern Lies’ explores the modern human condition, navigating the waters of digital existence. The song looks into the experiences of individuals trapped in the deceptive allure of online personas, where validation is sought through mere likes and follows. It’s a deeper song than the melody and catchiness would have you believe. Again, clever thought out stuff.

The Breakdown strike me as a really good band, with strong songwriting skills and musicality to back it up. If only they had been around thirty odd years ago, who knows what color Rolls they’d all be driving! And, this isn’t to knock them in any way. I’m rooting for them and hoping ‘Modern Lies’ will kick off some kind of Britpop revival and take them to the next level. Fingers crossed, guys.

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London-based band The Breakdown releases their latest single, ‘Modern Lies,’ produced by Andy Strevens, offering a fresh take on Britpop vibes fused with modern sounds. Exploring the complexities of digital-era identities, the track delves into the struggles of self-perception in today’s social media-dominated world, with hopes (from me!) of sparking a Britpop revival.
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