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Get ready for a comedic journey into the musical realm of Madam Who? as we delve into her latest single, ‘Peter Meter.’ Originating from the quaint town of Pittsville, MD Madam Who? transcends the role of a mere musician. She’s Gen Z’s hip aunt, a genre-fluid artist with an extraordinary journey encompassing dreams of Beatlehood, Music Business studies in Nashville, and a career that nearly soared to great heights, only to be interrupted by unforeseen events. Now, after a 20-year hiatus, she returns with not just a story but, more importantly, some exceptional music to share.

‘Peter Meter’ is more than a mere song; it’s a two-decade voyage inspired by Madam Who?’s grandmother’s relationship advice—Feed the Peter Meter! If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, the video below will provide some clarity.

The track kicks off with a catchy synth hook and funky drums before vocals enter, guiding us into the first verse. The narrative unfolds gracefully until Grandma Rita, metaphorically stirring things up, leads us into a brilliant pre-chorus that momentarily shifts the vibe. Then, the anthemic chorus drops, which reminds me of the songwriting skills shared with power-pop classics like ‘Stacey’s Mom,’ ‘1985,’ or ‘Buddy Holly.’ The song structure is impeccable, featuring clever transitions between verses, choruses, and a middle 8 that infuses a funky B-52s vibe. Clocking in at just over 3 and a half minutes, it’s the perfect length for success.

Madam Who?’s vocal performance is a highlight, reminiscent of Gwen Stefani with echoes of Cindy and Kate from The B-52s. ‘Peter Meter’ blends pop-punk sensibilities with a contemporary appeal, offering something for both nostalgic fans and new audiences. The craftsmanship and melodies showcased in the song reveal Madam Who?’s songwriting prowess, making it a solid addition to her repertoire.

Madam Who

Madam Who?’s journey has been one of twists, turns, and resilience—from aspiring to be a Beatle to a career almost taking off, only to be halted by the unforeseen circumstances of 9/11 and health concerns. ‘Peter Meter’ is more than a fun song because in the background, it serves as a reminder to pursue dreams despite life’s challenges. Madam Who? is more than an artist; she’s a storyteller, an inspiration, and with this latest release, she firmly reestablishes her presence in the music industry.

Don’t miss out—check ‘Peter Meter’ now!

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Madam Who?’s latest single, ‘Peter Meter,’ takes listeners on a comedic musical journey infused with quirky pop-punk sensibilities, catchy hooks, and anthemic choruses. Hailing from Pittsville, MD, Madam Who? returns after a 20-year hiatus, blending her Gwen Stefani-esque vocals with a storytelling prowess reminiscent of The B-52s.
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