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Alternative pop has surged in popularity thanks to artists like Lorde and Billie Eilish, who have transcended the boundaries of underground music typically associated with the indie scene. Nobody really thought that music from the underground scene could be popular mainstream music, but they proved them all wrong. Another notable artist to keep an eye on in this alternative pop stratosphere is Sophia Stephens from Carmel, USA. Blending pop sensibilities with unconventional sounds from the indie rock and dark pop scenes, her latest release, ‘Fervor’ is a perfect example of this fusion of styles, accompanied by poetic lyrical content.

Sophia’s musical journey began in theatre, but her true passion lies in writing and performing songs. At only seventeen years old, she has already penned over 300 songs and is currently preparing a full-length album consisting of 10-tracks exploring various aspects of the human experience. ‘Fervor’ offers listeners a preview of what’s to come.

The song starts with a unique chorus-like bass sound before Sophia’s mesmerising vocals kick in. It’s phenomenal how she varies her octaves. You can hear that she has a lot of vocal experience at only 17. They somehow remind me of Fiona Apple. When the drum beat joins, it carries a Lorde vibe mixed with Florence and the Machine. The unique style blends different elements of pop seamlessly. The song truly reaches its potential in the chorus, transitioning into alternative pop. The catchy melody is backed by rocky guitars, slowly blending into a rock song. Once again, Sophia’s vocal range stands out. This song will captivate you right from the beginning until the very end… it did me!

Originally conceived with just vocals and a guitar, producer Trey Vittetoe’s touch transformed ‘Fervor’ into a polished alternative pop-rock anthem. The song’s poetic lyrics revolve around the theme of the perils of fervent love, a subject Sophia approaches with a dark yet enlightening perspective.

We’re looking forward to the debut album because ‘Fervor’ is a great song and we can only imagine what the future will hold. Considering her age, there’s no doubt that a bright career awaits Sophia in the music industry.

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With her latest release ‘Fervor’ Sophia Stephens blends pop with indie and dark pop elements. With her great vocal range and mesmerising vocals in combination with poetic lyrics, Sophia sets high expectations for her future in the music industry as she prepares to release her debut album.


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