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We all remember those classic pop songs from the good old days, right? The tunes that take us back to our youth and linger in our memories. It’s like a journey down musical memory lane, losing ourselves in the lively beats of popular tracks at the local record store, building up the excitement before snagging that ultimate album. Edie Yvonne perfectly captures the essence of those teen pop memories with her newest release, ‘Delusion.’

Edie Yvonne is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who entered show business at a young age. She has quickly made a mark in the entertainment industry, gaining over 18,000 Spotify listeners in under two years. Her previous release, ‘In the Rain,’ boasts nearly 100,000 streams, showcasing the widespread appeal of her music. ‘Delusion’ is expected to continue this trend, embodying the essence of a standout pop track with its lively tempo, uplifting melodies, flawless vocals, and a theme that delves into the uncertainties of second-guessing—an experience that resonates with many young listeners.

Despite her tender age of 15, Edie’s musical talent resonates with the maturity of a seasoned adult pop star. In ‘Delusion,’ she fuses the infectious joy of a summer pop anthem with subtle indie elements, showcasing a vocal finesse reminiscent of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, blended with a touch of Demi Lovato’s distinctive style. The track grabs attention right from the start with a compelling hook, and Edie’s amazing vocals and catchy melodies add an extra layer of depth to the experience.

The magic of ‘Delusion’ is also in the expert production by Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta, both collaborators with Edie on previous projects. Their craftsmanship breathes life into the song, achieving a perfect balance in the mix and an auditory richness that accentuates the various vocal harmonies, especially during the chorus.

‘Delusion’ is the third release from the highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Girl Code,’ which we’re sure will keep Edie’s career on the trajectory of an exceptionally promising future. With the potential to become the next Billie Eilish or Taylor Swift, Edie’s unique blend of catchy melodies, eloquently crafted lyrics drawn from personal experiences, and undeniable musical talent positions her as a rising star in the indie pop scene. Edie is one to watch!

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Edie Yvonne’s latest release, ‘Delusion,’ captivates listeners with its lively tempo, uplifting melodies, and amazing vocals. With over 18,000 Spotify listeners in under two years and a promising trajectory, Edie’s unique blend of catchy tunes and relatable lyrics positions her as a rising star in the indie pop scene, drawing comparisons to potential industry heavyweights like Billie Eilish or Taylor Swift.


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