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In the 1920s, country music emerged as a new genre, typically associated with cowboys, hillbillies, and Southern American settings. While names like John Denver, Lynn Anderson, and Garth Brooks often come to mind, it was Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ that brought country back into the spotlight this year. Perhaps she paved the way for artists like Vale, US-based Reagan Hudson, whose recent release ‘Mama’s Going To Rehab‘ offers a traditional country sound with humorous lyrics…

Reagan’s upbringing in the wild hills of western North Carolina, where country music has deep roots, heavily influences his style. Drawing from Honky-Tonk, Rockabilly, and Bluegrass, he blends these elements seamlessly into his songwriting. It’s been a while since Reagan released a new song, but now, joined by Dale Meyer on electric guitar, bass, and keyboards, James Brock on drums, and Jim Ashton on steel guitar and banjo, the timing was right, and we were eager to hear what this new song was all about.

The song kicks off immediately. It sounds like a ’70s vintage country tune. Reagan delivers the witty lyrics with a touch of sarcasm, maintaining a laid-back vibe that’s refreshing. His relaxed drawl adds to the charm, showing he doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s what I dig about this track. It’s got that classic country feel, but Reagan’s spin on it gives it a fresh vibe. It’s like he’s channeling Johnny Cash – simple, funny lyrics, not sweating the high notes, just focused on keeping it real and entertaining. The instrumentation sounds solid and steady. Especially the instrumental bridge showcasing Reagan’s guitar skills.

‘Mama’s Going to Rehab’ offers a comedic take on a dysfunctional redneck family, with Mama finding love and rehabilitation while other family members struggle with their own issues.

Reagan’s ‘Mama’s Going To Rehab’ is a simple and humouristic country song with a vintage feel. It’s not about the effects or 1-billion-dollar production; it’s about entertainment and delivering the funny lyrics, showing Hudson’s talent for storytelling through music. And, with a new album on the horizon, ‘House Arrest Ankle Bracelet,’ it seems these fun times are going to last a good while longer.

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Reagan Hudson’s ‘Mama’s Going To Rehab’ brings a refreshing twist to classic country vibes. With witty lyrics, laid-back charm, and solid instrumentation, it’s a nod to ’70s country with a contemporary edge. Think Johnny Cash meets modern cool.


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