Thursday, June 20 2024

Brooklyn-based musician Dru Cutler is making waves with his latest music video release, ‘I Am The Sea.’ Within just one week, the video received 30k views and is currently sitting at more than 37k views, and isn’t looking to slow down any time soon.

Dru, known for his work as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has been actively involved in the music scene, co-founding the popular Bushwick music space, Unit J. His diverse creative projects, including collaborations with venues like The McKittrick Hotel and the Brooklyn Bowl, have also showcased his versatility.

With previous albums ‘Familiar’ (2016) and ‘Bring Closer The Distance’”‘ (2018) under his belt, Dru has established himself as a respected artist. His latest album, ‘Will to Mend,’ released at the tail end of 2023, has received positive feedback from both fans and critics, and set the stage perfectly for the success of ‘his newest release’I Am The Sea.’

The video compliments the atmospheric quality of the track, offering a visually eye-catching experience. Backed by a playlisting campaign, the video is gaining traction on digital platforms, further solidifying Dru’s presence in the music industry.

As the view count continues to rise, ‘I Am The Sea’ is proving to be another milestone in Dru Cutler’s career. Check it out now!

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